Akshay finds PM Modi's 'vision, warmth and capacity to work' deeply inspiring
Akshay took to his Instagram story, where he shared a picture of himself sitting across a table with the Prime Minister. The two can be seen having a chat when the picture was clicked. For the caption he wrote: "Your vision, your warmth, and your capacity to work..just some of the many things that I find deeply inspiring." Akshay then wished the Prime Minister a year full of health and happiness
Nitin Gadkari shares video featuring Akshay Kumar highlighting importance of 6 airbags
"Thank You Akshay Kumar for your support to the nationwide National Road Safety Campaign. Your efforts in spreading awareness on road safety issues is truly commendable. We're committed to bring down road accidents in India with awareness & public participation," said the Minister Nitin Gadkari on Twitter.
Not Gujjar or Rajput, Prithviraj Chauhan is 'Hindu Hriday Samrat'
A statue of emperor Prithviraj is to be unveiled at Dullakhedi village in Shamli on June 7. BJP leader and former minister Suresh Rana has been invited as chief guest for the event. Gujjars in the area had raised objections to Chauhan being referred to as a Rajput king. They claimed that he belonged to the Gujjar community. Situ Rana, who is part of the organising team, said, "We received information about some protests from the Gujjar community, but our intention is not to hurt anyone's feelings.