Mary Barra
Mary Barra : An inclusive female leader's rise to the top of business world
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With her strong headed personality and unflinching confidence, Mary Barra has consistently featured on the Forbes Most Powerful Women List for many years now, even rising to the fourth rank in 2018. More so, she was first in Fortune's Most Powerful Women list in 2015 and held the prestigious spot till 2017.
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi : The phenomenal journey of one of the most powerful female politicians in the world
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On January 3, Pelosi defeated Republican John Boehner of Ohio, 233 votes to 202, in the election for Speaker of the House. Only in the first 100 hours of being speaker , Pelosi raised the minimum wage, enacted the 9/11 commission report, ended many tax subsidies to oil companies, and made new rules about lobbying. During her first speakership, she was instrumental in the passage of many of the Obama administration's landmark bills.
Zhong Shanshan
Zhong Shanshan: The Breakout Success of Bottled Water King
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Born in 1954 in Hangzhou and dropping out of school at age 12, Zhong went on to try his hand at a multitude of odd occupations including construction work , mushroom farming, beverage sales and news reporting. It was only in 1996, when he decided to start his own company, Nongfu Springs, producing bottled water and grew steadily. Over the years, he paved the way for his company to become China's top beverage company.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ruth Bader Ginsburg : The legendary female 'consensus builder'
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"Women will have achieved equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation."  This is one of the many powerful and insightful lines ever quoted by the fourth-oldest serving US Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in the history of the US. The first Jewish woman to serve on the supreme court, Ruth remained true and obedient to her duties from 1993 until her death recently on September 18, 2020.  
David Karp
David Karp : How a high school dropout "Tumblr"d to success
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With his interest in microblogging, after a year of extensive work and research, he developed and officially launched Tumblr in February, 2007. Unexpectedly, David's new platform gained 75,000 users only within two weeks of its launch. A New York city-bred kid, who was enthusiastic for technology and micro-blogging, led his dreams to reality by sheer dedication.
Phebe Novakovic
Phebe Novakovic : A spy leading the path for women in America's corporate
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An epitome of feminine power and boss-lady charisma, Phebe Novakovic is an eminent name in the American business world. A former intelligence officer, Novakovic was recently elected to the board of directors of JP Morgan Chase, adding another feather to her hat of corporate achievements. 
Uday Kotak
Uday Kotak: Success Story of World's Richest Banker
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A 20-year old Mr Kotak was harbouring the dream of becoming a professional cricket player, when he had a brush with death. While playing cricket, a ball hit him in the head and led to an emergency surgery which left him bed-ridden for months and made him give up his cricket dream.