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Will the South write the script of Congress revival one more time?
In a tweet he said, "It is an extraordinary result for the Congress party in Chikmagalur district which had become a BJP bastion of late. It won all 5 of the 5 seats there. In 1978, Chikmagalur heralded the revival of Congress nationally by electing Indira Gandhi. History will soon repeat itself!"
China pulls off its Afghan investment gambit after a delayed start
The investments are in the extraction of mines, oil drilling, services at airports and in industrial parks. Also, Chinese investors have been regularly visiting Kabul to seek out different areas for investment. Afghan MoIC spokesman Akhundazada Abdul Salam Jawad said: ""The contracts have been signed for the extraction of mines.
Pak military takes risky gamble with Imran Khan's arrest
The move is fraught with risk though, as Khan exercises considerable street power, which could lead to a showdown with the armed forces. In the worst-case scenario, it could result in a bloodbath in the streets. Today's arrest caps a long-drawn-out tussle between the military and Khan. Though it is well-known that it was the military.
Will probe against former Pak ISI chief Faiz Hameed fizzle out despite rifts in the military?
When questioned about this allegation, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah clarified at a Press Conference (Islamabad, March 09) that court martials were a matter for the Army to decide but an enquiry was underway in regard to Lt. Gen (rtd) Faiz Hameed on which disclosures, if any, would be shared at a later stage. While Maryam Nawaz ’s attack.
Is US heading for a monetary crisis that could rattle global financial markets?
Also, President Joe Biden is scheduled to meet House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on May 9 to resolve the crisis as part of a general discussion on fiscal issues. At present, both sides are unrelenting in their stands - Biden does not want spending cuts to his welfare programmes and McCarthy feels useless expenditure cuts are enforced, the treasury will bleed out leading to a crisis in payments, media reports said.
Home Minister's initiatives for strengthening internal security
He has shown political will, intellectual strength, and full understanding of the separation of powers under the Constitution, in guiding the democratic state's prime responsibility of maintaining law and order through the length and breadth of the nation. He has proved to be the Home Minister with a difference. Those who watched the domestic scene would not fail to notice how the Home Minister has enunciated path-breaking ideas in the vital sphere of internal order and security - steering clear of any 'political' attributions.
With his core group's firm support, Trump holds Republican Party hostage
That claim may not hold for all who voted for him that year because many defected in 2020 -- and in the 2022 midterms from his proteges -- but it is true of his core base of his supporters. Unshaken by the two impeachments, the criminal and civil cases against him and his mercurial temperament the 51 per cent of the Republican Party who make his base hold the party hostage.