Houthis Target Indian-Flagged Oil Tanker in Red Sea, Confirms US Military
Anurima Das -
The USS LABOON was patrolling the Southern Red Sea between 3 and 8 p.m. local time when it intercepted the distress call.
BJP remains unstoppable in UP, yet it is leaving nothing to chance
From 'Modi hai to mumkin hai', the BJP in Uttar Pradesh now firmly believes in 'Yogi hai to magic hai'.
'Biden's lack of clear vision for next 4 yrs may hurt his 2024 poll prospects'
Biden is entering the election year with strikingly poor ratings among young voters.
Ukraine's funding woes and the collateral political damage for US, EU
The Western attention and support it was relying on to hold on against Russia swung to the Middle East, and it became a "secondary" consideration.
Gaza imbroglio continues unabated
A report published by the WHO on Sunday speaks volumes about the ground situation in Gaza.
Afghan tragedy unfolds in Pakistan
Reportedly, more than 370,000 Afghans have fled Pakistan since October 1, after islamabad vowed to expel more than a million undocumented refugees, mostly Afghans.
Trump's campaign against Obamacare health insurance could backfire badly in 2024
Obamacare or Affordable Care Act (ACA) as it is known, sought to bring down the cost of healthcare for urban middle classes in cities by subsidising the programme taxing the rich.