iPhone 13 Pro Max reinvents camera, filmmaking via smartphone
The simple fact is: iPhone 13 Pro Max that is now available in India -- in a fastest ever release with global markets -- introduces all-new camera hardware, an intelligent display with 'ProMotion' technology, the best graphics performance on an iPhone and an enhanced battery life. The camera has come out outstanding with several industry-leading pro photography capabilities like improved telephoto zoom, macro photography, photographic styles, Cinematic Mode.
Xbox gains new features with updated Edge browser
It supports a keyboard and mouse and will introduce new capabilities like access to Google Stadia, Discord, web apps and more, reports Engadget. Microsoft started testing the Edge update on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S earlier this year, but now it's coming to everyone. Edge has been the default browser on Xbox One, but not the latest Chromium version that enables features like Google Stadia gameplay, the report said.
Twitter shows off new concepts for filtering, limiting replies
In the future, those tools could include a feature that lets you filter potentially offensive replies and another that lets you limit potentially unwelcome accounts from replying, Engadget reported on Saturday. Twitter Senior Product Designer Paula Barcante has released a sneak peek of the features, which are merely concepts at the moment, to seek input from users.
Unlock with Apple Watch isn't working for some iPhone 13 users: ReporT  
As the initial iPhone 13 orders begin rolling out to customers on Friday, many users are excited to spend time getting to know their new device, reports AppleInsider.
Elon Musk and Grimes
'Semi-separated, but still in love': Elon Musk on relationship status with his girlfriend Grimes
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Elon Musk said that even though they are “semi-separated,” they still see each other frequently and remain on good terms. Musk blamed his work at SpaceX and Tesla which takes a lot of his time and requires him to stay in Texas, whereas, his girlfriend Grimes’ work is based in Los Angeles, which makes it difficult for both of them to spend quality time together.
iPhone 13 Apple Music bug fixed with new iOS patch
Both bugs affect iPhone 13, ninth-generation iPad and iPad mini 6 models that have been restored from an iCloud backup.
Microsoft Edge update adds tab groups, new shopping features
Users will be able to assemble collections of tabs to make their browser a little less chaotic. To create a group, hold the control button and choose the tabs you want to include, then select "Add tabs to new group" from the right-click menu, Engadget reported on Friday.Users can customise the label with a different colour for each group. When users hover over a tab, they will be able to see a preview of the web page as well.