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Payal Singhal launches shop in New Delhi
Designer Payal Singhal launched her first ever shop in New Delhi at Aza, Ambawatta One, Mehrauli. At this new location, she also unveiled "Suroor" her Winter Festive' 2021 collection for Women that stays true to the brand's DNA of deconstructing and reimagining traditional Indian silhouettes for the modern aesthete.
Plan your winter getaway
For those looking to chase the winter sun, Goa is the perfect destination for a touch of sea, sand and susegad. Bond with family in the seclusion of an exclusive heritage bungalow or villa or lounge to the sound of the waves with friends at a resort of your choice. For a taste of life like the Maharajas and Maharanis of yore, gift the memories of your loved one of a lifetime with a royal getaway to the many authentic palaces across Rajasthan.
The magic of pure zari
The brand's gifts are a personalised legacy to be passed down from one generation to the next, steeped in Banaras' heritage and handmade mastery. Silk combines with gold to tell every tale via elaborately woven sarees and lehengas, reflecting the intergenerational dynamics in family heirlooms and the intergenerational dynamics of the family behind the company.
Yoga and home remedies to help treat dengue
A strong immune system helps you prevent dengue which can be developed through holistic practices like yoga. But if you have dengue, yoga can help in quick recovery from dengue fever. Strong immunity will also treat the initial symptoms of dengue. Practice the following asanas slowly. Do not hold for a long duration. You can also add pranayama exercises like Anulom Vilom and Brhamari pranayama to your routine.
Soft skills that ensure you succeed in life
It is an ongoing debate since the inception of the universe whether hard skills trump soft skills or vice versa. The torchbearers of both sides present fierce arguments to prove a point but a third person's take is extremely neutral on this. Not to avoid any sort of conflict, but to take a very clear stand in this ongoing debate that will never be settled.
Mental Health problems at the workplace
While mental health issues in the workplace are a reality for most companies, the stigma associated with mental health problems often prevents people from seeking help. Stigma is the result of negative perceptions and stereotypes and reflects a lack of understanding about mental health issues. External stigma often involves negative opinions, judgements, comments, and assumptions made by others; internal stigma can take place when the person affected by mental illness internalises these negative messages.
6 Bone strengthening Yoga poses for osteoporosis
For people suffering from osteoporosis, yoga can be an effective addition to their treatment plan. The ancient sacred practice slowly builds strength, stability, agility and flexibility in the body which helps to ease the symptoms, lower the risk of complications and improve bone health. A study conducted in 2009 found out that when yoga is done consistently and diligently, it can increase bone strength.