Drew Barrymore urges all to donate to Priyanka Chopra's Covid relief fund for India
"I would like to start this show by giving our love and heart to India. We have all been reading about the Covid crisis there and they have been hit with 300 thousand new cases a day more than any country at its peak," Barrymore said.
Twinkle Khanna shares what new normal is like
Twinkle posted her comment with a picture of her daughter Nitara on Instagram. "The new normal: The balcony is becoming a forest and all our kids are turning into masked Superheroes! I marvel at how they have adapted to just slipping on a mask as they leave the door, the lack of fuss over their isolation," Twinkle wrote as caption.
Amitabh Bachchan, Poem Recital, Twitter
Watch | Big B recites father's poem to encourage Covid warriors
After reciting the poem, Bachchan says in the video: "These words, written by my father Dr Harivansh Rai Bachchan, are a clarion call that reminds us to never give up. They were written at a time the country faced a different crisis and challenge, but even today, they resonate.
Katy Perry-Singer
Katy Perry unfazed by Luke Bryan's criticism of her leg hair
"I know you're a mom and everything, but we gotta do something about this leg hair," Bryan tells Perry. Perry, who appears to be the one holding the camera, then showed her unshaven leg. "No, I don't got time!" Perry yelled at her fellow "American Idol" judge, though her face remained unseen. Citing her busy schedule as a working mom, she said: "I'd rather cuddle with my daughter!"
Anupam Kher: Wife, son keep me grounded
The actor adds that the only thing that has helped him survive in the industry is the fact that he has never given up. "I am lucky to have my wife and my son who keep me grounded and tell me, ‘this was rubbish!' I have full faith in their criticism. I know they are doing so for my benefit," he told IANS.
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Watch | Shweta Tiwari shares CCTV footage accusing ex-husband of psychically assaulting her
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Shweta Tiwari has now retaliated by sharing two horrific videos on Instagram. The first video she shared seems to be the CCTV footage from her society garden, while the second one is a video of her son looking terrified and hiding inside the blanket because of what he saw earlier. In the CCTV footage Shweta can be seen trying to protect her son Reyansh while Abhinav is continuously following her and trying to snatch Reyansh.
Tom Cruise-Hollywood-Actor
Tom Cruise returns Golden Globes to join protest against HFPA
Cruise's action comes at a time when HFPA has continued facing allegations of corruption and lack of diversity, following an expose by LA Times earlier this year, reports nme.com. The committee that organises the awards has promised "transformational change" following the revelation that there has been no Black member in HFPA for decades, besides allegations of corruption.