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2 lakh tech employees lose jobs in 2023 to date, more in the offing
As per the data by layoffs tracking site, 695 tech companies have shown the doors to around 1.98 lakh employees so far this year. In comparison, 1,046 tech companies laid off more than 1.61 lakh employees in 2022. In January alone this year, close to 1 lakh tech employees lost jobs globally, dominated by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and others.
Instagram likely to launch Twitter-like app by June end
The Twitter-like platform, "Instagram's new text-based app for conversations" is apparently codenamed P92 or Barcelona, according to Lia Haberman, who shared the news in her ICYMI Substack newsletter. "Say more with Instagram's new text-based app for conversations. Talk directly with your audience and peers," according.
Meta may fire 6K workers in its 3rd round of job cuts next week: Report
The layoffs will affect Meta's business departments and could affect thousands of employees, reports Vox. "The third wave is going to happen next week. That affects everybody in the biz teams, including in my orgs," Meta president of global affairs Nick Clegg, was quoted as saying.
Insta now let users comment on posts with GIFs
Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced that users can now post GIFs in Instagram comments during a Broadcast Channels chat with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, reports Engadget. "This is a bit of 'finally feature,' but we're launching GIFs in comments today," Mosseri told Zuckerberg.
Grateful of IT Minister's acknowledgment of our user safety efforts in India: WhatsApp
Vaishnaw on Tuesday launched the Sanchar Saathi portal, on the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, that will help millions of people track their lost or stolen mobile phones, and mentioned WhatsApp's cooperation with the government to ensure customer safety.
Mark Zuckerberg announces Chat Lock on WhatsApp
The feature will let users protect their most intimate conversations with a password and secures them in a separate folder. "New locked chats in WhatsApp make your conversations more private. They're hidden in a password protected folder and notifications won't show sender or message content," said Zuckerberg.
Meta patches FB bug that sent unwanted friend requests to users
According to The Daily Beast, the tech giant has apologised for the glitch after several Facebook users complained about the massive privacy breach on social media. "We fixed a bug related to a recent app update that caused some Facebook friend requests to be sent mistakenly. We've stopped this from happening and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused," a Meta spokesperson was quoted as saying.
Meta expands Ads on Reels test with new performance-based payout model
Meta is also evolving the programme by testing a new payout model that pays creators based on the performance of their public reels, not the earnings of ads on their reels. "This means creators can focus on creating engaging content while we optimise the ad experience for advertisers and people," Meta said in a blogpost on Tuesday.