Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu to visit India for attending PM Modi's swearing-in on Sunday: Reports
-, citing its Dhivehi sister-publication Mihaaru News, revealed that President Muizzu will depart for New Delhi on Saturday, accompanied by several senior government officials. However, there has been no official confirmation from the Maldives President's Office regarding Muizzu's first official visit to India.
Maldives decides to ban Israeli passport holders from entering country
The announcement in this regard was made by Home Minister Ali Ihusan during an emergency press briefing at the President's Office on Sunday. The decision has been taken in view of mounting public anger in the country over the devastating attacks by Israeli forces on Gaza.
India's Continued Financial Assistance: Rollover of $50 Million Budget Support for Maldives
In a statement, Zameer conveyed his thanks to EAM @DrSJaishankar and the Government of #India for extending this crucial support through the rollover of a $50 million Treasury Bill. He emphasized that this gesture reflects the enduring friendship between #Maldives and #India. Zameer's appreciation came during his visit to India from May 8 to 10.
Navigating Political Waters: Maldives' Crucial Election Amidst Regional Power Shifts
As per data released by the Elections Commission (EC), 181,406 individuals cast their votes by 4:00 pm local time, yielding a voter turnout of 63.73 percent. This included 88,230 women and 93,176 men out of the 284,000 eligible voters.
Maldives Expresses Gratitude to India for Essential Commodities Export Approval
India's decision to permit the export of specific essential items for the year 2024-25, as per the request of the Maldivian government, was confirmed by the Indian High Commission. This move, announced via social media platform X by the Indian High Commissioner, emphasized its uniqueness under a bilateral mechanism, with revised upward quotas for each item, marking the highest quantities approved since the inception of this arrangement in 1981.
Maldives' Friendship with India Endures: Minister Affirms
In an interview with Turkey-based news outlet TRT World, Maldives' Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed addressed the possibility of maintaining friendly relations with both China and India. He asserted that the Maldives cherishes its friendships with all nations, highlighting the country's openness as a tourist destination appreciated by both Chinese and Indian visitors. Minister Saeed reiterated the Maldives' friendship with India, clarifying that the rejection pertains to the presence of foreign soldiers rather than the nations themselves.
Extended Legal Limbo: Julian Assange's Extradition Decision Delayed
The court's summary of the judgment outlined that if the US fails to provide these assurances, Assange will be granted leave to appeal, leading to a subsequent appeal hearing.
Former Maldives President Solih Urges Current Leader Muizzu to Embrace Diplomacy and Repair Relationships with Neighbors
Having lost to Muizzu in the presidential election held last September, Solih expressed his views at a gathering in Male’ aimed at garnering support for Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidates contesting parliamentary seats in Maafannu. Solih noted reports indicating Muizzu's willingness to discuss debt restructuring with India but stressed that the nation's financial woes stem primarily from debts owed to China, not India.
Muizzu takes U-turn: Pro-China Maldivian President calls India 'closest ally', seeks debt relief
Despite his perceived pro-China stance, Muizzu emphasized that he has refrained from actions or statements that could strain the relationship between the Maldives and India, according to a report by the Edition newspaper.
China Expresses Support for Maldives' Sovereignty Amid Departure of Indian Military Personnel
Reports from Maldivian media indicated that Indian military personnel managing helicopter operations concluded their tenure and transferred responsibilities to an Indian civilian team before leaving the Maldives.