Jennifer Lopez Hints 'This Is Me ... Now' Could Be Her ‘Last Album Ever'
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lopez disclosed the creative process behind the album, emphasizing the significance of each element for her devoted fans. Reflecting on the possibility of this being her final studio project, she hinted at a sense of fulfillment, suggesting that these albums could become cherished collector's items over time.
Jennifer Lopez Showcases Toned Abs in Bikini Style During New Year Getaway
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The songstress showcased her toned physique in a striking black string bikini paired with a flowy patterned robe, effortlessly emphasizing her sculpted arms and abs.
JLo Opens Up: Describing 'PTSD' from First Romance with Ben Affleck
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Jennifer Lopez expressed her concerns about putting her and Affleck's life in the spotlight due to the media scrutiny they faced when they first dated, leading to what she referred to as "PTSD."
Jennifer Lopez Expresses Gratitude for Ben Affleck's Support
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According to a source cited by Us Weekly, Affleck's presence was instrumental in fostering an environment where Lopez felt comfortable unveiling previously undisclosed facets of herself.
Jennifer Lopez Says: Women Grow Sexier with Age
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Expressing her viewpoint, Lopez highlighted the positive changes in Hollywood's perception of age and experience, stating, "It has changed a lot, and I think it’s appropriate. As you get older and you have more experience, you become a richer human being and you have more to offer."
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Spotted Sharing a Kiss on a Sofa While Shopping
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Having exchanged vows a year ago, after a long journey since their initial engagement over two decades back, Lopez and Affleck seemed inseparable.
Jennifer Lopez dances to Usher, Adele tracks at their Las Vegas concerts
The 'Play' singer, 54, recently shared an Instagram reel which consisted of a lot of dancing and singing.