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Opera unveils ChatGPT-powered integrated AI side panel 'Aria'
With Aria, users will get access to generative AI services for free. "Aria is both a web and a browser expert that allows you to collaborate with AI while looking for information on the web, generating text or code, or getting your product queries answered,
Fake ChatGPT apps exploiting users, earning thousands of dollars monthly: Report
According to cybersecurity company Sophos, there are a number of free apps that are available on Google Play and Apple App Store, but because they provide little functionality and are constantly ad-ridden, they entice unsuspecting users to subscribe for hundreds of dollars a year.
ChatGPT maker OpenAI's losses swell to $540 mn, likely to keep rising
According to The Information, OpenAI's losses doubled as it developed ChatGPT and hired key employees from Google. The previously unreported figure reflects the steep costs of training its machine-learning models during the period before it started selling access to the chatbot," the report noted. OpenAI in February this.
UK antitrust watchdog launches initial review of generative AI models
"AI has burst into the public consciousness over the past few months but has been on our radar for some time. It's a technology developing at speed and has the potential to transform the way businesses compete as well as drive substantial economic growth," said Sarah Cardell, Chief Executive of the CMA.
Meta warns about malicious ChatGPT imposters
Meta has compared this phenomenon to cryptocurrency scams, as both tactics exploit people's curiosity and trust to gain access to sensitive information. The company said they have found around 10 malware families posing as ChatGPT and similar tools to compromise accounts across the internet.
Samsung blocks ChatGPT use on company-owned devices
According to TechCrunch, the decision has apparently been taken after sensitive data from Samsung was accidentally leaked to ChatGPT last month. According to earlier reports, soon after Samsung's semiconductor division started allowing engineers to use ChatGPT, workers leaked secret info to it on at least three occasions.
New ChatGPT, Bard like AI tool to turn peoples' thoughts into text
The system, developed by a team at the University of Texas at Austin relies in part on a transformer model, similar to the ones that power Open AI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard. It might help people who are mentally conscious yet unable to physically speak, such as those debilitated by strokes, to communicate intelligibly again, according to the team who published the study in the journal Nature Neuroscience.