OpenAI Unveils Enhanced ChatGPT: Streamlined and Concise Responses
According to a post shared on various social media platforms, OpenAI detailed the improvements, emphasizing a more streamlined and concise communication style. The company highlighted enhancements in various areas including writing, mathematics, logical reasoning, and coding.
ChatGPT Captures 60% of AI Industry's 24 Billion Traffic: Report
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The findings reveal that the AI industry experienced remarkable growth, with an average of two billion monthly visits over the past year, surging to 3.3 billion in the last six months.
Musk to Adjust 'Grok' for Political Neutrality Following Similarities with ChatGPT Views
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The dedication of the xAI team was acknowledged by Rozado, emphasizing a positive future for Grok. Recently introduced to Premium+ subscribers in the US, xAI aims to secure up to $1 billion in equity investments, with Musk raising $134.7 million according to SEC filings.
Survey Finds 92% of Indian Firms See GenAI Tools as Potential Security Risk
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The survey underscores the dynamic adoption of GenAI but highlights the need for a sharper focus on both Zero Trust principles and skill development. Sudip Banerjee, CTO, APJ, Zscaler, emphasized the importance of integrating a Zero Trust solution to gain full control over technology usage per user and application, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.
Report Shows ChatGPT Records Unprecedented 14.6 Billion Visits in the Past Year
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Consistently drawing an impressive 1.5 billion visits monthly, ChatGPT stands tall as the dominant force, claiming a staggering 60.17 per cent share of the entire traffic landscape. This data stems from, an AI-driven writing assistant.
Musk Aims to Identify Smaller X Accounts and Posts Beyond Popular Networks
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The primary objective is to enable the algorithm to delve deeper into X accounts, identifying and promoting content from lesser-known profiles.
OpenAI's ChatGPT downloads, app revenue continue to grow: Report
In its first month on the Apple App Store in May, it crossed 3.9 million downloads and reached 15.1 million by June, according to an analysis of the AI app market by Apptopia, reports TechCrunch. In addition, ChatGPT’s usage on mobile devices has grown from just over 1.34 million monthly active users in May to now 38.88 million as of September the report mentioned.