AIMIM Maintains Seven Seats in Telangana, Witnesses Decline in Vote Share
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Having retained these seats since 2009, AIMIM, also known as MIM, faced a challenging election with a decreased vote share of 2.22% compared to 2018.
Prospects Favor ZPM for Government Formation in Mizoram as MNF Trails Behind
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As the vote count progresses across 13 centers in Mizoram, initial trends exhibit the opposition Congress leading in merely one seat, while the BJP is ahead in three.
Unexpected Results: Ashok Gehlot Vows to Investigate Reasons for Congress Defeat
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Upon arriving in the national capital, Gehlot addressed the media, stating, "I have been saying that the people are supreme. The Assembly election results were unexpected."
Gehlot's OSD Criticizes Outgoing CM, Blames Him for Congress' Setback in Rajasthan
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The BJP's sweeping victory, clinching 115 seats in the 199-member Assembly, dealt a significant blow to the Congress, which was reduced to a mere 69 seats.
Congress' defeat in MP sign of Kamal Nath, Digvijaya Singh's waning influence?
Both these leaders had actively led the campaign – Kamal Nath from the front, while Digvijaya Singh led the cadre from behind the curtain.
TMC Urges Congress to Avoid Imposing Dominance in the INDIA Bloc: High Time for a Collaborative Approach
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While West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee refrained from commenting on the election outcomes, a few representatives of the Trinamool Congress in the state have taken a critical stance toward the Congress.
Nine Chhattisgarh Ministers, Including Deputy CM, Experience Defeat in Assembly Polls
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With 90 assembly seats in the state, the BJP secured victory in 54 seats, while the Congress managed to secure only 35 seats. Additionally, the Gondwana Gantantra Party clinched one seat.