Elon Musk Announces Posting Fee for New X Users
However, Musk assured that this fee would only apply to new users and emphasized its temporary nature. "That is much less cumbersome than dealing with the consequences of a flooded platform," he reasoned. He clarified that after a three-month period, new users would gain unrestricted posting privileges without any charge.
Tesla, Led by Musk, Initiates Global Workforce Reduction of Over 10%
In the communication, revealed by Electrek, Musk articulated the rationale behind the decision, citing the necessity to streamline operations in anticipation of the company's forthcoming growth phase.
Musk Offers Assurance to Bankers: No Losses Expected on Loans for Twitter Acquisition, Report
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Ad sales reportedly fell due to Musk's support for antisemitism, prompting major advertisers to leave the platform. With $1.2 billion in annual interest payments, X faces financial challenges, risking bankruptcy if unable to meet obligations.
US DoJ begins investigating Tesla perks for Elon Musk
The DoJ is investigating the use of Tesla funds to bankroll a secret project -- known internally at Tesla as ‘Project 42’ -- for Musk to build a "glass house" for him in Texas.
Musk denies building a glass house for himself with Tesla money
Musk reacted after reports emerged that the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are investigating the use of Tesla funds to bankroll a secret project -- known internally at Tesla as ‘Project 42’ -- for Musk to build a “glass house” for him in Texas.
Musk says Tesla fleet will reach 10 mn in few years
Recently, Musk performed a test drive of a Model 3 vehicle with the full self-driving software (FSD) beta V12 version, which was live-streamed on X (formerly Twitter) and received millions of views.
Tesla rival Xpeng acquires Chinese giant DiDi’s smart EV assets for $744 mn
DiDi Global and XPeng jointly announced a strategic cooperation where the two will collaborate to promote the global application of smart electric vehicles and technologies.
Grieving widow sues Musk's Tesla over husband's death
Jyung Woo Hahn, 46, died on March 12, 2022, when his Tesla malfunctioned and collided with a tree and burst into flames in New York.
Tesla didn’t fix Autopilot after fatal crash, company engineers admit: Report
According to Bloomberg, the engineers admitted this in a testimony in 2021 in a family’s lawsuit over a similar 2019 fatal Tesla collision that is now headed for a trial in the US.