Peace talks constructive: Israel PMO
Ashlin Rajan -
The meeting, believed to have occurred in Paris, included participants such as CIA Director William Burns, Mossad intelligence agency head David Barnea, Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, and Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel.
Israeli army kills over 350 in Gaza's Khan Younis during past 48 hrs, says Hamas
Ashlin Rajan -
Adding to the dire situation, Nasser Hospital is grappling with an overflow of medical waste, a consequence of the Israeli army's blockade, as stated by the Hamas-run Health Ministry.
UNRWA Forced to Halt All Gaza Activities in Coming Weeks Due to Funding Suspension
Ashlin Rajan -
The funding suspension comes after the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia, Finland, and the Netherlands decided to pause financial support to UNRWA.
US Media Views ICJ Verdict on Israel as Symbolically Significant, Though Not Legally Enforceable
Siddhant Kumar -
According to a Sunday edition of USA TODAY, the ruling, while not immediately altering conditions on the ground, holds symbolic value. Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyadh Maliki hailed it as a decision in "favour of humanity and international law."
Netanyahu Urges Qatar to Increase Pressure on Hamas for the Release of Hostages
Anurima Das -
Netanyahu urged Qatar to substantiate its role as a mediator by applying pressure on Hamas to facilitate the return of the hostages. Qatar has played a crucial role as the primary mediator in indirect negotiations between Israel and Hamas, focusing on resolving the ongoing conflict and securing the release of more than 100 hostages held by Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza.
UN Chief Optimistic That Israel Will 'Duly Comply' with ICJ Ruling on Gaza
Kumar Manoj -
Guterres, in an official statement, emphasized the legally binding nature of ICJ decisions. He conveyed his trust that all involved parties would duly comply with the court's order.
South African President Ramaphosa Feels Vindicated by ICJ Ruling in Genocide Case
Ashlin Rajan -
The ICJ, while refraining from ordering a ceasefire, did not dismiss genocide charges against Israel, as requested by South Africa in its case.