Himanta Emphasizes Preservation of Tradition with a Call for Responsible Practices
Anurima Das -
Apart from buffalo fights, Bulbul bird fights are also integral to traditional Magh Bihu festivities and had been on hold since then. Both events resumed this year, adhering to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) set by the state government.
'Like Pt Nehru did with Somnath Temple', Himanta Slams Congress for Declining Ayodhya Invite
Kumar Manoj -
Sarma asserted that the Congress wasn't deserving of such an invitation in the first place, considering its historical stance on the Ram temple in Ayodhya.
Assam CM Issues Stern Warning: BJP Leaders Face Consequences if Involved in Land Grabbing
Siddhant Kumar -
The Guwahati Commissioner of Police, Diganta Barah, recently revealed the existence of a well-organized land-grabbing racket operating in Guwahati. The perpetrators, involved in preparing forged documents with potential assistance from government and police officials, may also include certain advocates.
Assamese 'indigenous' people are safeguarded through delimitation: Himanta
"Majority of the Assembly seats are now in safe positions for the 'indigenous' people of Assam. Of the 26 Assembly seats, at least 105 can be won by Assamese indigenous people," he told the media.
Mahatma Gandhi was against religious conversion: Assam CM
Sarma visited Gandhi Mandap located at the hilltop of Sarania Hill in Guwahati to pay floral tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of the Father of the Nation's 154th birth anniversary.
Will seek votes of Muslims living in Char area only after 10 years: Assam CM
In Assam, Char Chapori is an area of the Brahmaputra river and its tributaries made up of flood plain sediments.
Assam CM’s wife lodges defamation case against Gaurav Gogoi
Her attorney, senior lawyer Devajit Saikia, said that the case was filed in the Kamrup Metropolitan Court of Civil Judge (Senior Division) on Friday.