Sundar Pichai: The Great Googler
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The rise of Sundar Pichai and the position that he enjoys today has come from years of hard work. Born in a modest family in the town of Madurai, Pichai was always quick with numbers. When the time for college arrived, he travelled across half the country to join IIT Kharagpur.
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: From a Brewer to a Biotech Boss
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Biocon was started in 1978 when Bangalore which had yet to become the hub of technology of South India. With rented garage for office investment of just Rs 10000, she had to face a variety of problems and challenges. Banks were not keen to give her loan because biotechnology was a new field and women entrepreneurship was quite rare.
Jeff Bezos: The Master Merchant of eCommerce
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But he had humble beginnings.  Born to teenaged parents, Jeff was brought up by his mom and stepdad Mike Bezos without any memories of his biological dad.   When Bezos was in the final year at Princeton University, he refused many lucrative job offers including the ones from Intel and Bell.
The Success Story of the Steel Magnet
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Lakshmi Mittal was born in 1950 in a small town in India called Sadulpur, in Rajasthan. His parents later moved to Calcutta to start a family business which he joined after graduating from college with excellent grades. 
Maria Sharapova: The Sporting Star and Businesswoman
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Maria Sharapova today is also a businesswoman with her seven-year-old candy line; investments in Ultimate Fighting Championship, sunscreen maker Supergoop and an app called Charly that lets users message celebrities; and an upcoming partnership codesigning hotel gyms. 
That funny Indian guy everyone loves to laugh with
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Born to Indian parents who migrated to the US, Minhaj became interested in comedy after seeing Chris Rock's Never Scared, the first stand-up special he watched.
Elon Musk: The Man Who Wants Human Life On Other Planets
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Years ago, however, he was just 17-year-old suffering from poverty, and working low paid jobs in Canada. That little miracle that changed his life was a scholarship from Pennsylvania University, leading him to move to the United States.
How Ed Sheeran crooned his way to worldwide fandom
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Ed Sheeran, the English singer, songwriter, and guitarist is loved by people across the world but ever wondered about his success story? Well, dealing with his fair share of struggles, Ed Sheeran’s story shows how the artist learned to embrace his uniqueness and overcame the challenges.
How Eric Yuan Zoomed To Success
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​​​​​​​For a man, who didn't even know how to speak in English when he first moved to the US, Yuan has become one of the very few Chinese Americans to lead a major Silicon Valley company.
Media delegation calls on J&K Governor12
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Media delegation calls on JK Governor12