Dakota Johnson Praises Taylor Swift as the 'Most Influential Figure in America'
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Reflecting on her last hosting stint during the show's 40th Anniversary Special in 2015, Johnson shared a photo featuring VIPs like Sarah Palin, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg. Pointing at Trump in the audience, she humorously remarked, "And look who's sitting right behind me.”
White House Calls for Legislation as Taylor Swift Deepfakes Raise Alarms, Nadella Expresses Concern
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The fake images of Taylor Swift gained widespread attention on social media platform X, accumulating 45 million views before being removed.
Taylor Swift Ends Relationship, Confirms Taylor Lautner
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Lautner, currently married to nurse Tay Dome, emphasized the positive aspects of their rekindled connection, highlighting Swift as a wonderful human being. Recently, on 'The Squeeze' podcast, Lautner praised his spouse, a superfan of Swift, and described their relationship as the "perfect situation," emphasizing confidence in their bond and Swift's kindness.
Taylor Swift's Fun Night Out with Selena Gomez and Zoe Kravitz
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Kravitz donned an oversized tan coat over black wide-leg pants and a red shirt. Taylor-Joy, walking separately, wore a head-covering, a large black coat, and shiny heels. This gathering followed Swift's recent appearance at the premiere of Emma Stone's film 'Poor Things' in NYC.
Taylor Swift Makes History as First Solo Artist Named TIME Person of the Year
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Her initial appearance on the Person of the Year cover was in 2017, where she stood among the 'Silence Breakers,' a formidable group catalyzing a societal shift around sexual harassment and assault.
Taylor Swift 'Moves In' with Travis Kelce to Spend 'Quality Time Together'
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Following the conclusion of the latest leg of her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift is said to be relocating to Travis Kelce's mansion in Kansas City, Missouri.
Taylor Swift Faces Wardrobe Malfunction with Heel During Brazil Performance
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During a pause for applause, Swift took a moment to readjust her footwear, reportedly dealing with a malfunctioning heel, as highlighted in videos posted by fans.