OpenAI Empowers Board with Veto Power to Safeguard Against AI User Harm
Anurima Das -
The updated "Preparedness Framework" involves investing in rigorous capability evaluations and forecasting to detect emerging risks. OpenAI will conduct evaluations, produce risk scorecards, and implement additional security measures to ensure the safety of its models. Regular safety drills and collaboration with external parties are also part of the strategy to enhance AI safety.
Navigating the Spectrum: Rajeev Chandrasekhar Discusses Utilization of ChatGPT and Bard
Newsmen Business Desk -
Addressing the conclave, Chandrasekhar emphasized that, in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), it is technological talent rather than chip-driven computer power that will propel India's progress.
OpenAI’s revenue on track to reach $1.3 bn this year: Report
Microsoft-backed AI company is apparently generating more than $100 million per month, up 30 per cent from earlier this year, reports The Information, citing sources.