Pakistan Calls for Adherence to Agreed Timeline for Ballistic Missile Testing by India
Baloch emphasized the importance of adhering to the pre-notification agreement, urging compliance both in letter and spirit. India, on Monday, successfully conducted the inaugural flight test of its Agni-5 missile, capable of carrying multiple warheads, under the 'Mission Divyastra'. This achievement propels India into a select group of nations possessing such capabilities.
Pakistan Claims 'Credible Evidence' of Alleged Indian Agents' Links to Assassination, India Dismisses Charge
Ashlin Rajan -
India swiftly rejected the accusation, dismissing it as "false and malicious" propaganda by Pakistan. Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi, Pakistan's Foreign Secretary, claimed during a press conference in Islamabad that India was engaged in "extra-territorial and extra-judicial killings" within Pakistan.
Pakistan using NAM platform for false and malicious propaganda against India: MoS Singh
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Singh, in a strongly-worded speech, expressed India's focus on strengthening NAM collectively but highlighted the unfortunate misuse of the platform by Pakistan.
PPP Candidate Saveera Parkash Pledges Efforts to Foster Relations Between Pakistan and India if Elected
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As the first Hindu candidate from Buner, representing the Pakistan People's Party (PPP), Dr. Saveera Parkash, at 25 years old, holds aspirations to serve her community and address the challenges faced by Hindus residing in Pakistan.
Pakistan Denies India's Extradition Request for Hafiz Saeed Due to Absence of Bilateral Treaty
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Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, spokesperson for the Foreign Office, acknowledged the receipt of India's appeal regarding Hafiz Saeed in connection with a purported money laundering case.
Pakistan Expresses Concern Over Abundance of Conventional Arms Sent to India
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Expressing worry over the excessive conventional arms provided to this nation, he stressed its potential to upset regional stability, intensify disputes, and escalate conflicts between nuclear-armed states.
Pakistan tries to link Palestine to Kashmir, India says will treat them with contempt they deserve
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“There was a remark of habitual nature by one delegation referring to union territories that are integral parts of my country. I will treat these commands with contempt and not dignify them with a response in the interest of time," India's Deputy Permanent Representative at the UN, Ambassador R. Ravindra said.