Government Initiates Efforts to Foster Indigenous Mobile Phone Brand: Ashwini Vaishnaw
Addressing attendees at the launch event of the Indus App store by PhonePe, Vaishnaw revealed that the government is poised to greenlight 2-3 semiconductor plants imminently.
Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Series to Debut in India Later This Month
Anurima Das -
While the Galaxy Book4 Ultra may not be immediately available in the Indian market, sources indicate that sales of the Book4 Pro, Book4 Pro 360, and Book4 360 are likely to commence this month.
Google Joins Global Coalition for Transparency in AI Era Digital Content
Siddhant Kumar -
Content Credentials, the C2PA's technical standard, aims to provide tamper-resistant metadata that can be attached to digital content, indicating how and when the content was created or modified.
realme Achieves Top 5 Status in India, Records 17.4 Million Sales in 2023
Siddhant Kumar -
In addition to its overall success, realme made significant strides in India's online smartphone market, securing the third position both overall and for devices priced between Rs 10,000-Rs 20,000 in 2023. Notably, in December, the brand achieved the second spot on Amazon and maintained the third position by shipment on Flipkart within the same price range, further solidifying its online dominance.
itel Introduces itel P55 and P55+ with India's First 24GB RAM, 45W Power Charging
Siddhant Kumar -
The itel P55 will be available in two variants: the 4+8GB+128GB variant priced at Rs 6,999 for online purchase, and the 8+16GB+128GB variant priced at Rs 8,999 for offline purchase. Meanwhile, the itel P55+ with an 8+8GB+256GB configuration will be available online for Rs 9,499.
Paytm: Government Affirms No Investigation or Systemic Stability Concerns
Anurima Das -
A Paytm spokesperson reiterated the company's commitment to regulatory compliance and enhancing processes to expand digital payments. This aligns with recent statements from senior government officials, including Financial Services Secretary Vivek Joshi, who emphasized that regulatory actions were precautionary measures to protect consumer interests and the economy.
Satya Nadella Stresses Importance of India-US Collaboration on AI Norms and Regulations
Siddhant Kumar -
Nadella stressed the necessity for India and the United States to work together to establish norms and regulations for AI, rather than allowing fragmentation to occur. He emphasized the importance of cooperation in this area to ensure that AI benefits are accessible to all.