Addressing Long-Term Challenges: Insights from CDS Gen Chauhan on China
Acknowledging the evolving landscape of warfare, General Chauhan highlighted the prevalence of "informal wars" in various global geographies. In such scenarios, he noted that adversaries often possess more options than defenders, necessitating proactive defense measures and robust deterrence capabilities.
Jaishankar Comments on China's Approach to Bilateral Relations: Expect Mind Games
Jaishankar highlighted the recent border tensions in eastern Ladakh as a departure from established norms, underscoring the need to establish and uphold equilibrium in bilateral relations.
Haryana Police Retreats: National Security Act Off the Table for Protestors
Kumar Manoj -
This change followed a prior statement by the Ambala police declaring their intention to detain office bearers of protesting farmer groups under section 2(3) of the National Security Act, 1980, aimed at upholding law and order and curbing criminal activities.
Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis Emphasizes Greece as a Strategic Gateway for Indian Companies into European Market
He expressed optimism about the upcoming mobility migration agreement, which would facilitate the organized migration of Indian labor to Greece. Mitsotakis emphasized the strategic position of Greece as a natural entry point for Indian companies seeking access to the European market, especially after Brexit.
Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis Draws Parallels Between Farmers' Protests in Greece and India
Mitsotakis underscored various sectors where the two countries share similarities, emphasizing the significance of agriculture in both nations. He acknowledged the challenges faced by farmers and emphasized the importance of enhancing productivity in agriculture globally. 
Renewed Protests Spark in Sandeshkhali; Police Assure Action as NCST Documents Grievances
Upon their arrival in Sandeshkhali, the NCST team, led by acting vice-chairperson Ananta Nayak, engaged with locals and recorded over 23 complaints of forced land grabbing and torture. Nayak affirmed that these grievances would be included in their report to the President.
'Biggest opponent not a Western country': Jaishankar's veiled attack on China for obstructing UNSC reforms
Jaishankar pointed out that the reluctance to embrace reform stems from the inherent self-interest of the permanent members, tacitly alluding to China without direct mention. He emphasized that soliciting approval for reform from these influential quarters has proven challenging, given their vested interests in maintaining the status quo.