Geoffrey Hinton: Know 'the godfather of Artificial Intelligence' who quit Google warning of AI's 'dangers'
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Dr. Hinton's groundbreaking research into neural networks and deep learning has paved the way for current artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT. Neural networks in AI are designed to learn and process information in a similar way to the human brain, allowing AI to learn from experience, known as deep learning.
Ryan Breslow: Know the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Bolt
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Breslow began his career by co-founding a research collective, the Stanford Bitcoin Group. Later, he developed a digital wallet that allows for routine bitcoin transactions. In 2014, Ryan and his classmates developed the first version of Bolt's online checkout platform. Bolt was officially launched in 2016 after operating in stealth mode
Ben Francis: Know the co-founder and CEO of Gymshark
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Benjamin began his career working as a delivery boy at Pizza Hut. While there, he developed two fitness applications known as the Fat Loss Abs Guide and iPhysique. In 2012, at the age of 19, he co-founded Gymshark, a fitness supplement selling website, and left his job at Pizza Hut.
Len Blavatnik: Know the founder of Access Industries
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Blavatnik started his career by founding an investment company, Access Industries, in 1986. With his hard work and efforts, the company started to grow rapidly, and Access invested in the formation of the large aluminium producer, SUAL, which later became a part of UC RUSAL.
Lakshman Das Mittal: Meet the founder and chairman of Sonalika Group
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Lakshman started his career by working as an LIC agent, and while working in the company, he focused on the business as well. Mittal invested his money in the business of agriculture-related machines, but in the beginning, he suffered losses. Later, in 1970, he founded the Sonalika Group, a threshers manufacturing company. In 1994, Sonalika Tractors started its manufacturing process.
Gianluigi Aponte: Know the founder of Mediterranean Shipping Company
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At the beginning of his career, Gianluigi worked as a Neapolitan captain before buying his own ship. Aponte started his own shipping business with his wife and founded the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a private company. The company began its shipping line between the Mediterranean and Somalia.
Emmanuel Besnier: Meet the CEO of Lactalis
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Emmanuel joined his family company and worked as a director of development, contributing to the growth of the business. After the death of his father Michel Besnier in 2000, Emmanuel became the CEO of the company. He is also the major shareholder of his family's company.