Top Israeli Official Expresses Determination to Eradicate Hamas Globally
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Bar's reference to Munich reflects the events on September 5, 1972, when members of the Palestinian terrorist movement Black September attacked the Israeli Olympic team, resulting in the deaths of two Israelis and the kidnapping of nine others.
IDF Issues Warning to Hamas: Surrender or Face Fate Similar to Slain Commander
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In a final notice, IDF Spokesperson Lt Col Avichay Adraee declared, "This is a final notice, you are all targets," as he shared photographs of the battalion's commander. The battalion was operating from the Shejaya neighborhood in northern Gaza.
U.S. Urges Israel to Safeguard Civilians Amid Gaza Bombardment by IDF
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, asserted on Sunday that the conflict persists until Hamas is subdued.
Netanyahu Vows to Secure Release of Remaining Hostages in Israel Through Forceful Measures
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In this critical time, Netanyahu urged Likud party ministers and members of the Knesset (Parliament) to refrain from engaging in personal disputes and to avoid criticism of the security forces.
'Rise of Nikki Haley in GOP primaries can be humiliating to Ron DeSantis'
Haley received a huge boost last week after her poll numbers jumped over DeSantis when the influential and deep-pocketed Koch political network endorsed her.
Intense Escalation: Israel Launches Over 100,000 Bombs and Rockets on Gaza Since October 7
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Ismael Al-Thawabteh, the director of GMO, stated on Saturday night that some of the bombs weigh 2,000 pounds, allegedly aimed at civilians with deliberate brutality. According to Al-Thawabteh, the Palestinian death toll from Israel's assaults has reached 15,207 as of Saturday afternoon, with over 7,500 people missing, either trapped under rubble or with unknown fates. The count of injuries has risen to 40,650.
COP28: Declaration Supporting Climate-Impacted Communities Gains Endorsement from 70 Nations
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The declaration, endorsed by 70 governments and 39 organizations, underscores a collective commitment to boost investments and actions aimed at bolstering resilience in regions and communities impacted by conflict, fragility, or humanitarian crises.