Malabar Exercise: US desires Quad to be 'more regularised', China watchfully “notices”

After announcing the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue on Monday, US Deputy Secretary of State Biegun asked for It to be regulated while it also gained some traction from China and Japan.

The US desires Quad to be “more regularised”, China watchfully, “notices” Malabar Exercise
While talking to two journalists from India and Bangladesh, US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen E. Biegun said that the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue should become “more regularised” and “formalised” with time.

India also announced that Australia will take part in this year’s Malabar Exercise. This will make it the first military exercise between 4 countries that makes it truly quadrilateral.


“Notices” commented China, in a contained manner and added that military cooperation between countries “should be conducive to regional peace and stability”. Whereas, Japan welcomes this development without any fuss.

US’ desire, China’s response, what the Quad exercise brings for India: Key points

  • In the discussions and practices in the security sphere, he called for a “continuation and regularisation of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, with an eventual goal of how it can be best formalised.”
  • Biegun also welcomed cooperation with any country in the Indo-Pacific, which is committed to defending “free and open Indo Pacific that guarantees sovereignty and prosperity for its members”
  • Earlier in the day, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato, responding to questions, said in Tokyo, “If this is to be realised, it would be welcomed by the Japanese government.”
  • “The participants…are engaging to enhance safety and security in the maritime domain. They collectively support free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific and remain committed to a rules-based international order.”
  • Welcoming the decision on Twitter, the US Navy’s Chief of Information tweeted “Seapower x 4” with the flags of India, the US, Japan and Australia.