A Brief Guide to Develop Prediction Skills

Predicting the outcomes of any event is pure mathematics. Calculating the facts and understanding the probability of outcomes ease the process. Here is the list of things you need to amplify your prediction skills.

Prediction is casual when you are doing it for the sake of debate. It becomes serious when you are ready to make a forecast and build a fortune. Predicting the outcomes of any event is pure mathematics. Calculating the facts and understanding the probability of outcomes ease the process. Here is the list of things you need to amplify your prediction skills.

1. Follow the past events


Before entering the prediction domain of online sports betting, the first step you will take is to study past events. For instance, the IPL 2024 is one of the most sought-after events in the world cricket forum. Fans worldwide eagerly wait to check how their favorite players and teams will perform. If you want to predict and win free money, you aim to study the records of the cricketers you are interested in. It will lead to the following benefits.

  • Performance assessment: Your prediction will depend on how you analyze players' performance. There are prediction models you can use to analyze records and data. It helps assess a player’s performance and decide whether to add him to a team.
  • Benchmarking: Records assist in creating benchmarks for making current predictions. You follow how a batsman or a bowler performed in the last IPL, check current circumstances, such as pitch and opponent teams, and make a prediction.

2. Gauging variability

Several external factors, such as pitch form, field conditions, weather, etc., can control the outcome. For instance, a wet cricket match will make the outfield faster and cause problems for the fielding sides. Similarly, a windy cricket match will make balls swing and provide an advantage to the bowlers. Hence, you need to gauge the variability and make proper predictions.


3. Experience

The predictor's experience also becomes a deciding factor. For example, a predictor who has watched ten IPL seasons can make better predictions than the one who watched two. You will need more experience to predict match outcomes. Here is how you can increase your experience within a short period.


4. Watch match highlights online

Check how a player has performed. Note down the teams he has played against. Check how a batsman has batted against the bowling squads. Find out how a bowling squad has delivered on a particular match.  

  • Check head-to-head scores: A cricket team will perform differently when playing against two teams. Hence, check the head-to-head scores for the past few years. You will get a basic idea of what will happen next.
  • Get expert views: Watch debates on sports channels and learn from the experts’ perspectives. Listen to what expert analysts and critics have to say about an upcoming match. These views will help you refine your prediction methods. 

5. Types of prediction games


Here comes the most important section of this comprehensive guide for prediction games. If you understand the game dynamics, your forecast will decide your fortune. Let's take a quick look at popular formats.

  • Opinion-based games: Opinion-based games are designed for events. For example, the IPL is a wildly popular cricket event that fans eagerly await. Popular online apps create event cards based on the matches and favorite cricket players. These event cards have specific questions about scores, wicket hauls, fielding, winners, losers, etc. All you have to do is answer these questions in yes or no. If your prediction matches, the designated cash reward will instantly be transferred to your account. Remember, every event card has an entry fee. You will lose a specified amount less than the reward if your guess is incorrect. The best part is that the entry fee is lower than the prize money. These event-based opinion games are short-spanned. Once the event is over, the event cards become invalid. You will not have to spend days keeping the scores up.
  • Fantasy sports: This is a genre of prediction games in sports where you can create a fantasy team. Every fantasy player is allotted a budget in the beginning. With it, he can buy players to make a cricket team. His prediction will decide which players to add. The performance of the added players will add scores to your fantasy team. At the end of an event, the highest-scoring fantasy cricket team wins. Fantasy sports take longer to complete. This genre requires patience, accurate predictions, and perseverance. They follow game developments, check on players clashing against each other, and construct a fantasy team. It takes weeks to develop and manage a team. 

Fantasy Sports Vs. Opinion-based Games

Opinion-based games are short-lived. A player has to make one prediction for each event card, so they do not take more than a few minutes. The cash reward is also less than that of fantasy sports. Opinion-based games can be based on events related to entertainment, politics, crypto, the economy, etc. Fantasy sports take weeks to complete. A player will focus on the matches and make daily predictions to manage his fantasy team. It is a complex process with higher prize money than opinion-based games.



As you see, both these formats require prediction as the prime skill. Choose your suitable mode of prediction games and download specific apps to play. Opinion-based prediction games offer quick resolution, whereas fantasy sports games take time. Follow this guide to decide and earn cash rewards with prediction games.