US-Led Airstrikes Target Houthi Positions in Central Yemen: Official
Ashlin Rajan -
Yasser Jahlan, a local government official, confirmed the strikes, stating that three strikes took place before dawn on Tuesday.
Houthis Pledge to Persist in Attacks on Israel-Linked Ships
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According to a statement from Houthi-run al-Masirah TV on Monday, a source within the Houthi naval forces declared, "We will persist in preventing Israeli ships or those en route to Israeli ports until the aggression and blockade on the Palestinian enclave of Gaza Strip ceases."
US and UK Reportedly Launch New Strike on Yemen's Hodeidah
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The US and the UK have stated that these strikes aim to deter the Yemeni Houthi group from launching further attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea, a crucial waterway for global trade.
Yemen's Houthis Issue Fresh Warning to US, Pledge Continued Attacks on 'Israel-Linked' Ships
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The Houthi military spokesperson, Yahya Sarea, conveyed this message via a statement aired on the rebel-run al-Masirah TV. He asserted the group's resolve to counteract any perceived aggression toward Yemen.
Netanyahu Issues Warning to Nasrallah: North Misadventure Will Bring Unimaginable Consequences
Newsmen News Desk -
Netanyahu's response comes in the wake of Nasrallah's recent speech on Friday, in which the Hezbollah leader declared that his group, in collaboration with Yemeni and Iraqi factions, had joined forces with the intention of launching attacks on Israel.
Houthis expand military operations in Yemen, defying peace calls
"The Houthis attacked the government's Shabwa Defense Forces stationed in a mountainous area that links the Merkhah Al Ulya district with the adjacent Bayda province, sparking bloody armed confrontations," the local government official told Xinhua news agency on Sunday.
Yemen government warns of return to full-scale conflict as Houthis escalate attacks
Information Minister Moammar al-Eryani said in a statement late Friday that scores of Houthi rebels launched a large offensive against the government-controlled areas in the province's Harib district, forcing hundreds of local residents to flee, reports Xinhua news agency.