Three Palestinian Students Shot Near US University Campus
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These students, enrolled in various universities across the US, including Brown University, became victims of an attack near the campus area.
IDF Refutes Allegations of Mandating Al-Shifa Hospital's Evacuation
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In a Hebrew statement posted on X, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) clarified that it had merely "responded to the request of the director of Shifa Hospital to allow Gazan citizens, who were taking shelter in the hospital and wished to evacuate, to do so via a secure axis leading to the humanitarian crossing in the Gaza Strip."
Proposal Emerges to Permit Jewish Settlement in Gaza Post-War Resolution
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Eleven prominent right-wing organizations have united to advocate for resettlement initiatives in Gaza and Northern Samaria.
IDF Reports Discovery of Hostage-Related Data on Laptop Found During Al-Shifa Hospital Search
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In a statement released on Thursday, the IDF acknowledged the presence of patients at the hospital while affirming that their searches were conducted with discretion, patience, and thoroughness.
Biden Insists Two-State Solution Needed for End to Israel-Hamas Conflict
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Expressing uncertainty about the duration of the conflict, Biden acknowledged the widening gap between the U.S. and Israel regarding the post-war scenario. The U.S. urged Israel not to reoccupy Gaza, a plea Israel rejected.
There is no military solution to this conflict: Palestinian ambassador in Europe
On Thursday, the diplomat, who has served in London and Budapest as ambassador in the past, added that Israel has played a “significant role in weakening” the Palestinian Authority (PA), whose government in the West Bank he works for.
IDF Urges Gaza Residents to Move South Within Three Hours for Safety of Themselves and Loved Ones
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The designated time for this movement is from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Israel time), which corresponds to 11:00 GMT to 14:00 GMT on Saturday.