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US to approve 2nd vaccine booster amid mixed pandemic scenario
Pandemic to endemic, people have to adapt to new reality, say doctors
While billions got affected by this deadly virus, more than five million have lost their lives. Even after two years since this novel coronavirus first started impacting human lives, the Covid-19 crisis is far from over.
5 valuable tips to follow during Omicron wave
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Dr. Younus, the Chief of Infectious Diseases at the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH), wrote on social media that ever since the outbreak of the pandemic two years ago, this was the first time that he had gone down with COVID.  Post recovery, he has shared five valuable recommendations for those infected with the same Omicron strain.
Indians still careless despite Omicron
The snap poll had a sample size of 1,942. To a question if people were generally wearing masks and taking precautions, only 21.8 per cent of the respondents agreed that people were indeed wearing masks and taking precautions. In sharp contrast, 41.5 per cent said wearing of masks and other precautions were being followed "only sometimes" while another 33.8 per cent said they were mostly not being followed.
Study shows Omicron's increased transmissibility
The scientists found that the increased transmissibility of the Omicron has resulted in the baseline reproductive rate increased to 2.5 in December, doubling time of 3.18-3.61 days. Meanwhile, the positive sample rate has increased to 35.5 per cent with no indication of a more severe clinical course, Xinhua news agency reported.
Is untreated HIV behind emergence of Omicron?
To explore the link, a team of scientists have launched a probe into mutations taking place inside infected people whose immune systems have already been weakened by other factors, including, though not limited to, untreated HIV, BBC reported. It has already been observed that Covid-19 can linger for many months in patients who are HIV-positive but who have, for varying reasons, not been taking the medicines that would enable them to lead healthy lives.