Understanding benefits of Shilajit for cardiovascular fitness
Shilajit, a naturally occurring substance found in the Himalayan mountain ranges, has been used for thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to treat a variety of illnesses. It is renowned for its exceptional healing properties, which include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic. One of the most significant benefits of.
You don't have to quit sugar to lose weight
Giving up sugar probably won't improve your health more than eating fewer ultra-processed foods, more vegetables, preparing your own meals, and cutting back on added sugar. The sugar-free diet enforces an arbitrary set of recommendations that aren't backed up by research and is, at best, unclear. A diet this strict could, at worst, result in anxiety related to food or a bad connection with food. You don't have to stop consuming sweets, though, in order to alter your eating patterns.
How Can Digital Healthcare Help the Indian Population?
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One key area where digital health has been significantly impacting is chronic disease management. Digital tools such as remote monitoring systems allow patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease to manage their conditions more effectively from home.
Sleep deprivation causes health concerns
Sleeping takes up roughly one-third of a person's lifetime or eight hours per night. There are many explanations for why people slumber. These hypotheses encompass memory consolidation, energy saving and restoration. For the best possible physical, immune, mental, and cognitive wellness, getting enough sleep is crucial. Nearly 30 per cent.
10 facts about Latent TB
According to WHO, approximately one-fourth of the world's population is estimated to be infected with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, and on average, 5-10 per cent of those who are infected will develop active TB disease over their lifetime. Here are ten facts about Latent TB
Antibiotics may not reduce risk of death in hospitalised flu patients
Respiratory infections account for around 10 per cent of the global disease burden and are the most common reason for prescribing antibiotics. Many infections are viral and do not require or respond to antibiotics, but concerns about bacterial co-infection often lead to precautionary antibiotic prescribing.
When Rheumatoid Arthritis affects your lungs
RA is more than just a joint disease. The inflammatory process also affects several other parts of the body. The most frequently affected are the lungs, besides skin, eyes, digestive system, heart, and blood vessels. The lung conditions that occur in patients with RA are of several types. More than 25 per cent of patients with RA will eventually develop lung conditions and diseases in their lifetime.
Women above 30 must consider these health tests
Your heart can skip a beat and you might not even get to know it. Many times women tend to experience racing heartbeats, chronic fatigue and high levels of anxiety but ignore all the symptoms of cardiovascular problems very easily. Most of the time they assume that a heavy workload is causing this trouble. Little do they know that.
The role of counselling and support for an end-stage cancer patient
Especially, if an elderly patient knows about his end-stage diagnosis of cancer,this leaves them disheartened. Such patients need more emotional, psychological, and social support. When they know that their condition can no longer be controlled there seems to be no hope for the next step and people often become stressed and anxious.
6 reasons why sleep is necessary before exams
One of the most important factors is sleep. Most of us do not count sleep as part of our health. In fact, it comes way down in the list of priorities. Most students pride themselves for not sleeping during the exams and for burning the midnight oil. A large chunk of this has been created by a false belief system stating that the student must revise.