Hezbollah's Record: 692 Attacks on Israel Since the Start of Gaza War
Anurima Das -
Tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border escalated immediately after the Hamas attack, leading to Israel's response with heavy artillery directed towards southeastern Lebanon. On a subsequent Friday, confrontations persisted, resulting in an incident where Israeli forces from the Motella settlement fired upon a Lebanese civilian, causing serious injuries, as reported by a Lebanese military source to Xinhua.
Israel Pulls Back Five Brigades from Gaza in Recent Withdrawal: Reports
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The Institute for the Study of War, a policy research organization focused on US national security, stated that this new phase will involve the cessation of major combat operations. The transition includes a reduction in forces in Gaza, the release of reservists, a shift to targeted raids, and the establishment of a security buffer zone within the enclave.
Netanyahu Issues Strong Warning Against Iran and Hezbollah
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Regarding Hezbollah, Netanyahu disclosed that operational plans to combat the group have been approved. He warned of significant retaliation if Hezbollah extends its hostilities against Israel, affirming, "If Hezbollah expands the war, it will face unprecedented consequences, along with Iran. We will take all necessary actions to restore security to the residents of the north."
Gaza Faces Severe Hunger Crisis: Alarming Situation Addressed by UN Body
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Thomas White, the Director of UNRWA in Gaza, emphasized the daily struggle for survival faced by the people, as access to essential resources like food and water becomes increasingly precarious.
Palestinian Casualties Soar as Death Toll from Israeli Attacks Hits 21,320
Kumar Manoj -
Thousands of Palestinians are held in Israeli jails without trials and access to legal counsel, and the Palestinian Prisoners Club has reported over 4,655 arrests by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank since October 7.
UN Urges Israel to Cease Unlawful Killings in West Bank
Ashlin Rajan -
UN Rights Chief Volker Turk expressed deep concern over the use of military tactics and weapons in law enforcement situations, citing the alarming use of unnecessary or disproportionate force.
WHO Warns of Grave Peril for Gaza's Population
Ashlin Rajan -
Expressing grave concerns, the WHO highlighted the dire situation in Gaza, where only 15 out of 36 hospitals are minimally operational amidst the ongoing crisis.