Is Pakistan closing Chinese businesses in Sindh on the pretext of security?
Reportedly, the local authorities have closed down a Chinese restaurant, a supermarket and a marine products company. Though done with good intent in mind, the decision is likely to erode the iron-cast friendship between Islamabad and Beijing. On the other hand it could also be a signal to the West.
US may prevent Pakistan's threshold alliance with China
The report titled, "The Future of the China-Pakistan Military Relationship", digs into the current status of relationship between Pakistan and China, terming it at a "threshold alliance", arguing that Washington may prevent Pakistan from extending its bilateral cooperation and relationship with Beijing, being one of the biggest opponent.
Saudi Arabia-Iran rapprochement: A victory for China
Last week a major diplomatic coup was staged by China, when it announced the results of its successfully mediated efforts, of bringing two old foes at the negotiating table and signing a friendship deal. The Chinese-brokered Saudi-Iran rapprochement comes as a major diplomatic breakthrough between two regional neighbours after years of mutual animosity, suspected attacks and tales of rivalry between the two countries.
CLOSE-IN: Cricket makes heroes into zeroes - it is all a state of mind
One of India's most tenacious cricketers, Mohinder Amarnath, went through a similar sequence of no scores as Suryakumar has recently been through. Jimmy, as Mohinder is popularly known, fought his way through this slump and went on to become one of the top batters in world cricket. He was the Man of the Match in both the semis.
Will Congress face another power show in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh?
Thus, the race for becoming the next Chief Minister has apparently begun much before over 5.39 crore electorate, including 13 lakh fresh voters, are yet to cast their ballots. In 2018, the Congress had managed to come back into power after 15 years after ousting the BJP led by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, but a power tussle for fulfilling political ambitions led to the Kamal Nath government collapsing within 15 months.
5 lakh food delivery persons must get legal status, benefits of industrial workers
They also said the aggregator companies should soon desist from finding legal loopholes and bring the delivery persons under the organised network. There are about five lakh food delivery persons in India. For every two persons on the road, there are an equal number of persons at the backend.
Eric Garcetti damaged by scrappy confirmation or empowered by it?
The Modi government had given its nod to Garcetti's nomination before it was announced through a diplomatic process called "Agrement", by which a country formally agrees to receive a representative from a foreign country. To avoid an unsavory after-the-fact situation, countries tend to get the Agrement from the host country before announcing the nominee.
Why it is imperative to restore secularism in Bangladesh
In essence, he was holding aloft the idea that his message of emancipation and national independence for Bangladesh, away from the stranglehold of Pakistan, was fundamentally a reassertion of Bengali cultural and political heritage. It was a principle resting on secularism, the conviction that Bangladesh had returned to being a home for people across the religious divide.
Global indignation over Saudi development plans
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) announced the launch of the New Murabba Development Company, last week. The new company will oversee developing a new downtown area spread over 19 sq.km in capital Riyadh Authorities claim that plans have been created keeping sustainability and environment in mind. The project would include green spaces, walking and cycling pathways, to improve the quality of life by encouraging active, healthy lives and social interaction.
Pitting history against nationalism
This lobby supported by anti-India forces abroad, makes the word nationalism look like a disparaging concept, runs down the basic precept of 'one man one vote' on which Indian democracy is founded by raising the bogey of 'majoritarianism' and implicitly justifies the dangerous idea - despite the experience of the Partition - that multiple religious and regional communities of India should not be deemed to be part of common nationhood.