Why Israel can ignore world sentiments and Russia gets targeted
Over a month of relentless, indiscriminate bombing and then a ground invasion by Israeli forces following the October 7 Hamas terror attack has left over 11,000 Palestinians, overwhelmingly women and children, dead in Gaza, and another 3,000 odd missing.
China’s uncomfortable role as the world’s largest official debt collector
Fifty-five per cent of its loans to low- and middle-income countries have already entered their principal repayment periods and this figure will increase to 75 per cent by 2030.
Tiny Qatar occupies world stage as key negotiator to free Hamas-held hostages even as Western nations suspicious of its ties
Qatar has become a main intermediary in negotiations supported by the Arabs in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE with the US and Israel to secure the early release of more than 200 hostages captured by Hamas in its attack on Israel on October 7. Four have already been freed. The IDF rescued another earlier this week, media reports said .
Markets holding but no clarity on breakout
BSE SESENSEX gained 580.98 points or 0.91 per cent to close at 64,363.78 points while NIFTY gained 183.35 points or 0.96 per cent to close at 19,230.60 points.
In Jagan's Andhra Pradesh, there's no room for even slightest dissent
Individuals, including leaders and workers of the opposition parties, were booked for posting comments on social media seen as critical of the government, the Chief Minister or Ministers.
Will Russia's 'bold, balanced' bid for Middle East gain strategic heft?
Later that week, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani was in Russia, and in a joint press meeting, President Vladimir Putin while castigating Hamas for its cruelty
CLOSE-IN: India soaring high at Men's ODI World Cup 2023
It takes one back to the heartwarming day when Chandrayaan-3 landed on the moon ending the uncertainty that lay ahead as from a soaring orbit it finally achieved its touch-down.  The Indian team is in that precarious position, wherein, they have done the hard yards and will most likely be in a position to lift the glorious World Cup trophy.