Will never share US user data with China, says TikTok CEO
Chew, who appeared before dozens of House Energy and Commerce Committee members late on Thursday, offered reassurances that the company would enhance privacy and avoid any possibility of "unauthorised foreign access" to US user data, reports TechCrunch. I understand that there are concerns stemming from the inaccurate belief.
US senators unveil bill empowering Biden to ban TikTok
Called the Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology (RESTRICT) Act, it gives the US government new powers, up to and including a ban, "against foreign-linked producers of electronics or software that the Commerce Department deems.
Ex-Brexit leader, GB News slammed for targeting Sikh community
The Indian Council of Scotland and the UK has sought a public apology from GB News for running the story with the headline "WTF...Sikh-ing Asylum" on the screen. "We have written to GB News and look forward to a public apology. If no public apology is given then we shall go to the regulator," the Council said.
300 TikTok, ByteDance employees worked for Chinese state media: Report
LinkedIn profiles of ByteDance and TikTok employees showed them in current roles as content partnerships, strategy, policy, public affairs, monetisation and 'media cooperation', reports Forbes. Profiles of 15 current ByteDance employees revealed they worked at the tech firm and state media outlets simultaneously. According to the report, ByteDance and TikTok did not contest that the 300 LinkedIn profiles represent current employees or deny their connections to Chinese state media.
Horrible! Hundreds of men tear off female Tiktoker’s clothes in Pakistan (Watch Video)
Newsmen News Desk -
A video of the incident went viral on social media that showed how the woman was manhandled violently by the men surrounding her.  She was picked up, dragged through hundreds of men who were gathered at Minar-e-Pakistan to celebrate Independence Day. The unidentified woman said that she was shooting a TikTok video at a park in Lahore and had disturbed no one in the process.