Bobi, world's oldest known dog ever, dies at 31
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"Bobi lived to be 31 years 165 days old and spent his entire life with his loving owner Leonel Costa and his family in the Portuguese village of Conqueiros," Guinness World Records said in a news release. Prior to this, the title of the oldest dog was held by Bluey from Australia, who departed this world in 1939 at the venerable age of 29 years and five months.
SpaceX aims for 12 launches a month as it eyes satellite-based phone service
A company official told ArsTechnica that it is planning for 144 launches next year.  The goal is to put many more Starlink satellites in space to support the satellite-based cell phone service, due to launch next year as a texting-only service, with voice and data reportedly coming in 2025 and beyond. 
Israel in talks with SpaceX to roll out Starlink internet services: Minister
Israel Minister of Communications Shlomo Karhi said that an activity is taking place to coordinate the company 'Starlink' in Israel, so that it will be possible to operate satellite communication terminals of Space-X, which will allow connection to broadband Internet in Israel.
All Tesla Superchargers in Israel are free
The tech billionaire further said that he hopes that “electricity and essential services are rapidly restored to Gaza”.
Elon Musk predicts Starship to make uncrewed landing on Mars in 3 or 4 yrs
"I think it's sort of feasible within the next four years to do an uncrewed test landing there," Musk was quoted as saying Clay Mowry, the president of the International Astronautical Federation. His comments come as the Starship launch has been under the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) scanner, after its first and only launch so far. 
US puts SpaceX’s next Starship launch on hold, lists 63 ‘corrective actions’
“The final report cites multiple root causes of the April 20, 2023, mishap and 63 corrective actions SpaceX must take to prevent mishap reoccurrence,” the regulator said in a statement late on Friday.
SpaceX refused govt request to activate Starlink to sink Russian fleet: Musk
“There was an emergency request from government authorities to activate Starlink all the way to Sevastopol,” said Musk, without mentioning the Ukrainian government. “The obvious intent being to sink most of the Russian fleet at anchor. If I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation,” the X owner added.
SpaceX rocket made a hole in ionosphere: US space physicist
Falcon 9, a reusable two-stage rocket designed for safe and reliable transportation of payloads and people into Earth’s orbit and beyond, was launched from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California on July 19.
Musk says SpaceX will launch Starship in about 2 months
On Twitter Musk was requested for an update on Starship. The next test would be in "6 to 8 weeks", the SpaceX chief replied. A similar timeline was laid out by Musk in late April, where on Twitter Spaces he stated that the launch pad and the next Starship vehicle should be ready to launch in six to eight weeks.