The Journey of 'Darr': From Aamir to Ajay and Finally to SRK, Reveals Juhi Chawla
Anurima Das -
Juhi Chawla considers 'Darr' to be one of the highlights of her career, emphasizing its importance. She recalls her earlier collaborations with Yash Chopra in films like 'Chandni' and 'Aaina,' where she had a brief appearance.
When Taapsee Found Out She'd Wrestle SRK for 'Dunki'
Ashlin Rajan -
Recalling the conversation with SRK and director Rajkumar Hirani, Taapsee humorously mentioned being informed about learning wrestling despite her strong command of Punjabi and Hindi.
Amitabh Bachchan Surprised by Suhana's Lack of Awareness About SRK's 'Padma Shri' Achievement
Newsmen Entertainment Desk -
Asked which honor Shah Rukh Khan had not received, Suhana mistakenly answered 'Padma Shri' instead of the correct answer, which was 'Volpi Cup'.
SRK Highlights Honesty and Patriotism as Key Elements for His 'Dunki' Character
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Engaging with fans during the #AskSRK session, SRK addressed inquiries about the film and his character.
Netizens not impressed with ‘Dunki’ trailer, call it ‘underwhelming’
‘Dunki’, which marks the first collaboration between the megastar and the superstar director Rajkumar Hirani, is not an action film.
SRK's fake accent to use of de-ageing tech: Why 'Dunki' appears to be doomed
SRK’s Punjabi accent in the trailer looks forced, to begin with.
Exploring the Thrilling Dunki Drop 4: A Blend of Danger, Comedy, Drama, and Action
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Facing challenges and setbacks in their quest to learn English and understand Western culture, the characters eventually turn to the Dunki route—an illegal immigrant channel.