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After Brahmos, Philippines looking to buy LCAs and LCHs
Indian-team-of-BrahMos-Aerospace-deal with-Philippines
India joins elite missile exporters' club, inks deal with Philippines to supply Brahmos missiles
Philippines signed a pact with Brahmos Aerospace Pvt Ltd for the supply of three batteries of 290 kilometers range BrahMos missile system for its naval force. The Philippines Navy is ramping up its naval prowess to counter China's belligerent behavior in the South China Sea. The country has territorial disputes with Beijing in the region as China claims sovereignty over the sea that has a huge source of hydrocarbons.
BrahMos missile: India likely to get export orders from  Philippines for supersonic cruise missiles
Newsmen News Desk -
As per the reports, India is currently negotiating with several other nations as well and could likely get more orders from them for the missile system. The deal is currently in its advanced stage of negotiations and could be a major success for the Narendra Modi-led government as the export deal would take the government closer to its aim of excelling in defense exports and manufacturing defense items in India.