WATCH | Dua Lipa Engages in Candid Cricket Talk with KL Rahul, Shubman Gill and Other New Zealand Players
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The exchange took an intriguing twist as the cricketers posed some rather unusual questions, catching the pop sensation off-guard.
Dua Lipa says she is not ready to have children
"Hmm, maybe. But nothing's planned! The only baby I'm thinking about is my new album," Dua told Vogue France when asked if she's planning to have children, reports Dua acknowledges that women have more options and opportunities than ever before. And the chart-topping star is focused on other things for the time being. 
Dua Lipa's sister Rina Lipa to make her film debut with 'Great Expectations'
As reported by Deadline, the movie will follow 'Great Expectations' character Pip (played by McAuliffe) later in life. When he receives a mysterious invitation for a weekend retreat from his childhood benefactor Miss Havisham, he thinks his bad luck is about to change. Only, Miss Havisham never actually shows up. Instead, Pip is reunited with his first love, the beautiful but emotionally cold Estella (Blu Hunt).