India's Manufacturing Sector Set to Surge: Projected $1.66 Trillion Market by FY34, GDP Share to Reach 21%
These projections estimate that the share of manufacturing in GDP increased from 14% in FY 24 to around 21% in FY34. According to DSP Mutual Fund, this increase can be attributed to lowered logistics costs and infrastructure development. On the optimistic side, investments in infrastructure are likely to rise from 33 percent of GDP in FY24 to 36 percent by FY29, which may trigger the broader economic benefits.
April Sees India's Industrial Production Grow by 5%
By sector it has broken down in mining 6.7%, in manufacturing 3.9% and in electricity 10.2% compared to the same month of the previous year. The subsectors of manufacture whose activity increased the most during April 2024 were: 'Elaboration of basic metals' 8.1 percent; 'Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products' 4.9 percent; and 'Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers' 11.4 percent.
March Sees 4.9% Growth in India's Industrial Production
The manufacturing sector, a key provider of employment opportunities for recent graduates from the country's universities and engineering institutes, experienced a growth rate of 5.2 percent during the month.
India's Appeal as an Alternative Manufacturing Hub Draws Strong Investments from Multinationals: Says UN
The report, unveiled recently, emphasizes India's attractiveness for investment, particularly in comparison to many other countries in the South Asian region. While it acknowledges India's role as an alternative manufacturing base, it refrains from explicitly mentioning China, although geopolitical factors have undoubtedly influenced this development.
January Sees Industrial Production Grow by 3.8%
The industrial growth rate for January remains consistent with the provisional figures reported for December 2023. However, upon further analysis, the December figures have been revised upwards to 4.2 percent, indicating a stronger performance than initially estimated.
February Sees Surge in India's Manufacturing Sector Amid Strong Demand
The seasonally adjusted HSBC India Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) climbed from 56.5 in January to 56.9 in February, marking the most robust improvement in the sector's health since September 2023.
India's Manufacturing Sector Records 18-Month Low Growth in December Due to Slower Order and Output Increases
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The survey revealed a noteworthy yet softened increase in factory orders and output, resulting in the HSBC India Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) dropping from 56 in November to a low of 54.9 in December.
Indian Factory Growth Hits an 8-Month Low in October, Notes S&P Global
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The Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) dropped to 55.5 in October, down from 57.5 in September.
Vedanta invites Japanese companies to partner in India's electronics manufacturing revolution
Vedanta, a global natural resources and technology conglomerate, highlighted the tremendous investment opportunities in India, especially in Gujarat, and urged Japanese companies to partner in India’s electronics manufacturing revolution.