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Protect your hair and skin from pollution damage
One of the worst enemies of skin and hair is pollution. Established industries, car emissions, and cigarette smoking all contribute to rising pollution levels. The most harmful pollutants are particulate matter (PM), which includes PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and poisonous gases like SO2, NO2, NO, CO2 and CO2. "The exposure to smoke, dust, toxic gas, particulate matter, nickel, lead and arsenic can lead to a condition called 'Sensitive Scalp Syndrome', which happens when this particulate matter settles on the scalp and in the hair shafts."
5 hair-care kits to help prevent hair fall post-Covid
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In addition, the virus has left a huge impact and people are suffering from hair fall like never before. One definitely needs to make a special effort to revive hair from further damage. Here is a list of five hair care kits to help strengthen your hair and reduce hair fall.
Time for the total hair reboot!
Hair sets the tone of the entire look and hence is important to keep a strong identity. Around 80-85 per cent of the hair is composed of a protein called keratin, which is essential for the health of our hair. Lack of protein can lead to brittle hair, breakage, hair thinning, and slow growth. Therefore, we should optimise our protein intake by consuming a healthy diet and a good hair care regimen.
#GlassHair effortlessly
Despite its name, this hair trend isn't about using glass to style your hair, so what is glass hair? It's the art of using products to give your hair a mirrored, glass-like surface that reflects light from all angles. Whether you have a long or short bob, the gloss finish will create a halo-like effect around your face!
Benefits of salon services at home during festive season
IANSlife brings you the co-founder of YES MADAM, Mayank Arya who speaks of the benefits of at-home salon services. Let the pampering sessions begin. The whole salon environment at home believes that services at home are undoubtedly the best option during an unusual crisis.
Post-Covid Hair Loss? Can Biotin help?
In the recovery period and even after that, it is important we keep a tab of meeting our nutrient needs and overall health to control incidents like hair loss. There are many nutrients that promote hair growth and prevent hair loss -- biotin is one of them. Biotin is one of the B vitamins; it is also known as vitamin B7. It is soluble in water and is the catalyst that converts some nutrients into energy.
Should you switch to ammonia-free hair colour?
Clelia Cecilia Angelon, Founder and CEO, Surya Brasil, suggests why you should switch to ammonia-free hair colour .As the pH level spikes, the cuticles of the hair fibre open up, letting the colour penetrate deeper into the cortex, which is the inner part of the hair. The natural pigment of the hair can also be lightened using Ammonia, making it fit for re-colouring.