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Hair care

Hair Damage during Monsoon is real
Tame your mane
Here are some tips from Jamien Lim, Senior Hair Research Scientist at Dyson, on how to manage your hair and avoid flyaways. Does humidity flatten hair? This will be determined by your hair type. Humidity has the opposite effect on thicker, curly hair types that are prone to frizz because moisture and heat in the air cause it to expand and puff up. If your hair is naturally fine and your styling goal is to add body and volume, humidity can undo all of your hard work and cause your hair to return to its natural, straight state.
Seven common blunders while curling your hair
While the mistakes listed below aren't the end of the world (or your hair), they're not ones you want to make again. If you curl your own hair frequently, you'll want to avoid these blunders as much as possible shared by Rayed Merchant, Spokesperson, Ikonic Professional. If you don't use a heat protectant beforehand, you'll burn yourself . A heat protectant adds a barrier between the tool and your strands to lock in moisture and battle frizz, reducing the damage caused by hot tools.
Top tips for hair care for summer
Protect your scalp: Your hair can give the scalp some protection from ultraviolet radiation, the melanin inside the cortex absorbs the UV radiation from the sun to stop it from reaching the scalp and causing damage such as sunburn. However, any exposed skin is not protected, such as where your hair is parted. Consider applying a sunscreen to these areas to protect your scalp from UV and its effects.
DIY hair masks for healthy hair
It's not possible every time to make a trip to the hair salon to cleanse and hydrate tresses. Good care can be taken at home with Handmade, organic, and chemical-free hair masks that can be made with readily available ingredients. Pooja Nagdev, Aromatherapist, Cosmetologist & Founder of Inatur shares easy-to-make hair masks from pantry staples to moisturise, detoxify, and revive hair.
Tips for preventing premature hair graying
When you are youthful from within, it shows from the outside as well, through your skin, body and hair. Hair that is healthy and shiny is a manifestation of good overall health as well as youthfulness. However, some of us often tend to battle premature graying. We are told it's hormonal and all attempts to prevent it would be futile? Is it really so? The answer is definitely not. There are a lot many ways with which we can treat or nourish our strands and scalp so that premature graying is prevented.
Drinking wine with meals linked to lower type 2 diabetes risk: Study
Drinking wine, with meals is associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, suggests a new study. The study indicated that consuming moderate amounts of alcohol (no more than 14 grams per day for women and 28 grams per day for men), especially wine, with meals was associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Harini Sivakumar shares 5 beauty trends for 2022
The beauty industry witnessed a myriad of trends in the year 2021. While the recovery time for most trends is often short-lived, transparent skincare is a trend thats definitely making a comeback. As the founder of the D2C beauty and personal care brand Earth Rhythm, Harini Sivakumar, feels skincare trends for 2022 will follow an approach of "Less Is More" while embracing gentle ingredients and fewer products in skincare routines.