Unexpected Strength: US Economy Surprisingly Robust in the Fourth Quarter
Anurima Das -
While this growth rate was slower than the 4.9% recorded from July through September, when American consumers made substantial purchases, it surpassed the 1.5% anticipated by economists, as per FactSet estimates.
RBI Article Forecasts Robust Growth for Indian Economy in 2023-24
Anurima Das -
The piece, authored by a team led by Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Michael Debabrata Patra, underscores the shift in the Indian economy from consumption to investment as a key driver for the stronger-than-expected growth in 2023-24. The government's focus on capex is noted to be playing a pivotal role in encouraging private investment.
7.3% GDP Growth Very Positive, Economic Climate Encouraging: SBI Chairman
Kumar Manoj -
The GDP growth forecast of 7.3% surpassed earlier predictions, including the Reserve Bank of India's upward revision from 6.5% to 7%. Khara refrained from discussing the State Bank of India's business outlook due to the institution's current silent period.
December 2023 Shows Strong Growth in the Services Sector
Kumar Manoj -
The HSBC India Services Purchasing Managers’ Index, compiled by S&P Global, surged to 59.0, marking a significant increase from November's 12-month low of 56.9.
UN Report Forecasts Global Economic Growth to Decelerate to 2.4% in 2024
Ashlin Rajan -
While the global economic performance exceeded expectations in 2023, several challenges loom on the horizon.
Indian Economy Poised to Remain a 'Star Performer,' Key Indicators Favor Growth
Siddhant Kumar -
Over the last month, the macroeconomic scenario has shifted in favor of the equity market, with positive indicators suggesting a promising start for 2024. A correction of 110 basis points in US bond yields is also contributing to the positive market sentiment.
Core Sector Industries Report Strong 7.8% Growth in November
Ashlin Rajan -
Several sectors contributed to this growth: coal production surged by 10.9%, electricity generation saw a 5.6% rise, and steel production shot up by 9.1% in November compared to the corresponding month last year.