Delhi air pollution

Escalating Air Quality Concerns in Delhi as Anand Vihar Crosses 'Severe' Threshold on AQI
Anurima Das -
In the Anand Vihar locality, the PM2.5 levels remained alarmingly high, reaching 500, while PM10 also peaked at 500, as reported by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
Delhi Grapples with Cold, Foggy Conditions Causing Flight Delays, Air Quality Drops to 'Severe'
Ashlin Rajan -
According to the India Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature dropped to 9.6 degrees Celsius, two notches below the seasonal average.
Delhi Witnesses Severe Decline in Air Quality Across Multiple Locations
Ashlin Rajan -
Simultaneously, the India Meteorological Department reported a maximum temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, slightly above the seasonal average.
Delhi Witnesses Chilly Night with Minimum Temperature at 6.8 Degrees; Air Quality Deemed 'Very Poor'
Newsmen News Desk -
Stations at Bawana and Dwarka Sector 8 also reported 'severe' conditions, while ITO and Okhla Phase-II registered high PM 2.5 levels. The air quality monitoring station at IGI Airport noted 'severe' PM 10 levels, 'very poor' PM 2.5 levels, and 'moderate' CO levels.
Persistent 'Very Poor' Air Quality in Multiple Areas, Delhi Registers Minimum Temperature of 9.2 Degrees Celsius
Newsmen News Desk -
For the day ahead, the weather department anticipated a maximum temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius with a clear sky prevailing in the city.
Delhi's AQI Stays 'Very Poor' as Minimum Temperature Dips to 12.3 Degrees
Newsmen News Desk -
Weather forecasts indicate the maximum temperature to hover around 25 degrees, coupled with expectations of shallow fog throughout the day.
Delhi's Air Quality Persists in 'Very Poor' Category, Concerns Continue
Newsmen News Desk -
Specifically, at Anand Vihar station, the air quality fell into the 'very poor' segment, with PM 2.5 levels at 342 and PM 10 at 301, according to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
Delhi's AQI Hits 'Very Poor' Category as CO and NO2 Levels Rise Across Monitoring Stations
Newsmen News Desk -
Specifically, at Anand Vihar station, there was a shift into the "moderate" category, displaying PM 2.5 levels at 133 and PM 10 at 185 by 6 p.m.
Delhi's Air Quality Maintains 'Severe' Status
Newsmen News Desk -
Bawana station reported PM 2.5 hitting 500 and PM 10 at 495, with CO at 101, classified as 'moderate,' and NO2 at 28, considered 'good.' Meanwhile, Dwarka sector-8 station marked PM 2.5 at 481 and PM 10 at 414, both in the 'severe' category, while CO remained at 86 in 'satisfactory' levels.
Conflicting AQI Readings Raise Air Quality Concerns in Delhi Amid Smog, PM 2.5 Levels Soar to 500
Newsmen News Desk -
A dense and noxious haze, commonly known as 'smog,' enveloped Delhi and its neighboring areas on Monday morning.