Happy Rose Day 2022: 10 Best gift ideas to make your partner feel special
Today is Rose Day, the first day of Valentine's week that will last from Feb 7-14. Lovebirds across the world celebrate this day with zest and joy. On Rose Day, couples express their love for each other by exchanging roses. Here're 10 best gift ideas for Rose Day that will make your partner feel special.
AstraZeneca Covid vaccine protection may last a lifetime: Study
Apart from generating virus-busting antibodies, the vaccine also creates "training camps" in the body for search-and-destroy T-cells which can kill even the new variants, The Sun, UK, reported. Scientists from Oxford, the UK, and Switzerland, writing in the journal 'Nature', said that T-cell protection is a "key feature" of adenovirus vaccines like the Oxford and J&J jabs.