BJP Revises Star Campaigner List for Maharashtra, Excludes Eknath Shinde and Ajit Pawar
The NCP (SP) contended that including names of individuals from rival political factions in their Star Campaigner List infringed upon Section 77 of the Representation of People's Act.
You have elected Sharad Pawar's daughter 3 times, now elect his daughter-in-law: Ajit Pawar Calls for Support for His Daughter-in-Law
Addressing a gathering of party faithful in Baramati, Ajit Pawar invoked the shared history between the constituency and the Pawar dynasty, prompting reflection on the upcoming electoral choice. With a lineage of political representation spanning generations, Ajit Pawar urged constituents to embrace the continuity by endorsing another Pawar, his wife Sunetra, in this electoral cycle.
NCP Adopts Stricter Guidelines: Larger Disclaimers on 'Clock' Symbol and Avoids Sharad Pawar's Photo in Ads
Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Ajit Pawar, along with the state unit chief Sunil Tatkare, convened a meeting on Thursday to ensure strict adherence to the apex court's guidelines. They instructed party workers at all levels, including district units, to prominently display larger disclaimers in all advertisements, templates, pamphlets, and banners featuring the 'clock' symbol. This measure aims to avoid any accusations of contempt of court.
Maharashtra's Political Trio Aims to Finalize Seat-Sharing Accord with Amit Shah
The trio enters the meeting with high hopes of finalizing a seat-sharing pact with the Home Minister.
NCP(SP) Issues Bold Challenge to Ajit Pawar: Surrender 'Clock' Symbol as a Test of Integrity
In a press conference, Mahesh Tapase, the Chief Spokesperson for NCP(SP), asserted that Ajit Pawar's NCP has been dealt a blow by the Supreme Court's ruling and dared him to abandon the 'Clock' symbol, opting instead for a fresh emblem in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
Election Commission Recognizes Ajit Pawar's Faction as Legitimate NCP, Allocates 'Clock' Symbol
Siddhant Kumar -
This decision comes as a major blow to veteran leader Sharad Pawar and his supporters, as it indicates a validation of the Ajit Pawar-led faction's claims to the NCP's name and symbol.
BJP Raises Objections to Nawab Malik Allegedly Aligning With Ajit Pawar-Led NCP Faction
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Fadnavis clarified that while Malik, as an MLA, has the right to participate in the legislature, his potential inclusion in the MahaYuti alliance could pose complications due to the allegations against him.