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Taj Lands End, Mumbai completes 20 years
The coming together of 5 of India's leading contemporary artists
The nuances of life, nature, and spirituality are the central ideas behind Moti Zharotia's 'Purush and Prakriti' and 'Tree' series. "The artist can dig into its vivid dimensions and can come up with innumerable possibilities of expressing the same," says Zarotia. Referring to his works 'River Sutra' and 'Orange Moon' Ananda Moy Banerji says, "I am getting ready to take a plunge in a deep sea of 'human landscape', the whole world focused through human forms, human behaviour, and human endeavor."
Myths and facts about chemical peeling
However, face peels are occasionally advertised in a way that could be deceptive. "The truth is that there is a wide range in the effectiveness and recovery time associated with facial peels. Patients are more likely to be happy with the outcome of their surgery if they know what to anticipate. However, face peels are occasionally advertised in a way that could be deceptive.
Prep your balcony garden to enjoy home grown desi vegetables
Another happy fallout of the pandemic has been an upswing in gardening. Chefs are setting up their own farms and collaborating with farmer groups. While consumers are investing time in growing their own produce. Seasonal vegetables are nature's way of enriching the diet, and the traditional diet includes whatever is locally available in season.
Mindful habits to adopt for self-care
The 12th of September is recognised as Mindfulness Day, with the goal of educating people about the benefits and worth of practising mindfulness as well as how to do so. Research has proven that mindfulness training reduces stress. With mindfulness-based therapy, it may be feasible to change the affective and cognitive processes that are at the root of a number of clinical disorders.
Bollywood's fashionable male set
When we talk about fashion, Bollywood's current reigning stars know that it plays a key role in their popularity and charisma. Not only do these leading actors know how to follow trends, but also how to influence them, armed with a team of stylists for every outing. Here's a look at the fashion aficionados whose fashion is far-ahead from their peers.
5 reasons young professionals are choosing co-living over house rentals
While social media was designed to bring people closer, it fosters an environment of reclusion, often driving us away from social interaction. This problem often persists in a greater font in rental spaces where a person is living by themselves, or with just one or two roommates who they have never met before. Co-living spaces are designed in a way where they foster community engagement, and often offer programs and activities that bring all the residents of a property together to partake in recreational activities.
Five prudent tips to manage personal finances
Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your money. It basically entails listing down all your expenses and allocating funds to them, balancing your expenses with your income. This plan allows you to determine in advance whether you have enough money to meet your expenses and potential shortfalls. This simple exercise can help with prioritising your expenses.