Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) Offload Equity Heavily, Selling Worth Rs 20,480 Crore in the Last 2 Days
Anurima Das -
In the past two days, FIIs have significantly offloaded equity, amounting to Rs 20,480 crores. This sell-off is attributed partly to the surge in US bond yields, reaching 4.16%, and partly to the high valuations in the Indian stock market.
January Witnesses Slowed FPI Inflows: A Market Analysis
Anurima Das -
Based on data from the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), the total FPI investment through stock exchanges as of January 13 stands at Rs 2,743 crores, as conveyed by Vijayakumar.
Bank of Baroda Predicts Positive FPI Inflows and Rupee Appreciation in the First Two Quarters
Siddhant Kumar -
The report highlighted that FPI into India concluded at $28.7 billion in the previous calendar year. It noted the outperformance of the equity segment and observed an encouraging trend in the debt segment, especially in the latter part of the year.
Foreign Portfolio Investors Maintain Aggressive Buying Stance in January as Well
Kumar Manoj -
December's market boom coincided with robust FPI liquidity, amounting to Rs 58,372 crore.
Foreign Portfolio Investors Inject Rs 4,800 Crore into Equities in First Week of January, Bolstered by Strong Economic Confidence
Kumar Manoj -
Simultaneously, they channeled around Rs 4,000 crore into the debt market within the same timeframe, as reported by depositories.
Market Dynamics: Indian Equity Markets Witness Dominance of Bulge Bracket FPIs
Anurima Das -
The substantial surge in the market during December coincided with a noteworthy increase in FPI inflows, reaching Rs 58,372 crore for the month. When factoring in investments through the primary market and other channels, the total FPI inflows for December amounted to Rs 66,134 crores.
FPIs Pour Massive Investments of Rs 1.71 Lakh Crore in 2023
Kumar Manoj -
After experiencing negative trends in FPI inflows over the preceding three months, December saw a substantial turnaround with FPIs displaying a positive stance, recording total buying of Rs 66,134 crores.