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DoPT mulls on ways to increase annual intake of IAS officers amid shortage
Exclusivism deepens cultural divide, leads to communal confrontation
Religion defines the relationship of a person with his or her God while culture determines the quality of the individual's social interaction - with religion hopefully making a positive contribution to it. All religions enjoin upon a man to be at his best behaviour with others in the society. Politics is the sphere of existence where the citizen understands the importance of 'one man one vote' as the ultimate equality of the right to choose one's rulers through a ballot regardless of caste, creed and gender.
Tough Days Ahead for India?
The economic impact of the various crises is expected to begin manifesting themselves soon, if governments of those countries fail to address the crises quickly. To accord priority to India's neighbours in their international activities, programmes and projects, was stressed at the first ever Inter-Ministerial Coordination Group (IMCG) meeting organised on April 12 in New Delhi.
Mass violence has no place in democracy
These markers would always be on the radar of intelligence. Mass violence is the culmination of a brewing process that would never go unnoticed by the nation's internal watch mechanisms. It can, therefore, be said that there was never a case of lack of Intelligence in reference to the specific episode of planned militant violence that aimed at causing a mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley in early Nineties.
The pillars of nationhood
In today's time the nation state has to conform to certain basic paradigms in order to measure up to the mandate of Kautilya's Arthashashtra that the 'King's happiness lies in the happiness of his people'. Five components of the matrix that defines the norm for such a state suggest themselves and any public evaluation of the same would be the right base on which to judge the performance of the present regime.
Scrapping of retro tax provisions revived overseas interest in India's privatisation plan
Government sources said that they have received enquiries from foreign multinational corporations about participation on its strategic disinvestment plan and the pace has increased post the Centre's decision to amend retrospective taxation provisions in the Income tax Act, bringing about certainty on taxation regulations and improving country's ranking several notches on ease of doing business index.
Coexistence, a unifying factor for Indians
Asad Mirza -
Though the political parties are able to set the narrative for their own narrow agendas yet they are unable to control the common perceptions and thinking among the populace. The recent Pew study based on nearly 30,000 face-to-face interviews of adults conducted in 17 languages between late 2019 and early 2020 (pre-COVID-19), finds that Indians of all religious backgrounds overwhelmingly say they are very free to practice their faiths.
South Asia in India's focus
This is the time for India to assert its role as the predominant power in South Asia and work for the security of the region by consolidating its relationship with Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and the ASEAN on the one hand and actively supporting QUAD for the broad security of the Indian Ocean against any Chinese moves, on the other.
India, Economy, India will have to invest heavily in infrastructure, Outliers: A Macro and Bond Update
Outliers: A Macro and Bond Update
There have been two episodes of sharp intermittent volatility in bond markets that have disturbed this trade since the start of the calendar year. The first was the very first few months of 2021 when the global reflation trade got a fresh wind with an additional large US fiscal stimulus besides a subsequent accelerated pace of reopening in many parts of the developed world.
Indo-Pak pirouette on Afghan talks: Will they be in step?
Saeed Naqvi -
Are we about to witness Obama's third term in foreign affairs? The question arises because people fear Joe Biden may have inherited some of his previous bosses' instincts. No sooner had Obama's intention to withdraw been announced than qualifications were introduced: the date of withdrawal is not cast in stone.
India could become world leader in zero-emission ferries
Construction of 45 vessels in planned in the first phase. Thereafter the numbers would increase to 78, thus making it the largest ‘electric ferries network' in the world. There are at least three stakeholders involved in this project; the boats will be jointly constructed by the CSL and German Siemens, and Swedish energy Technology Company Echandia has been contracted to build the battery systems.