Bigg Boss 17: 'Shaitaan' Takes Control of Minds as Top 5 Housemates Face the Heat
Siddhant Kumar -
'Shaitaan' is a thriller film where a demon controls everything and everybody. Ahead of its release, the 'Bigg Boss' house will be under the influence of Shaitaan, who will command the contestants and challenge them with mind-boggling tasks. This twist aligns with the theme of the film and adds an intriguing element to the reality TV show.
Bigg Boss 17: Isha Embraces her Inner Poo, Ankita Transforms into 'Adarsh Patni' for Electrifying Performance
Siddhant Kumar -
Before their performance, Vicky reflects on their journey in the 'Bigg Boss 17' house, stating, "Kabhi socha nahi tha ke atoot bandhan ki shakti bhi kamzor banjayegi" (Never thought that the strength of an unbreakable bond would become weak). The line captures the challenges they faced in their married life within the show.
Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Set to Unleash His Inner 'Kabir Singh' with Electrifying Performance on 'Bekhayali'
Anurima Das -
For this final act, Abhishek will take the stage dressed in an all-black outfit, creating a visually striking presence. The performance will be enhanced by the use of mirrors surrounding him, adding a dramatic flair to the routine.
Vicky Expresses Longing: Misses Ankita 'A Lot', Wishes for Her Return Home with the Trophy
Anurima Das -
With Vicky now out of the Bigg Boss house, he hosted a party at his residence where several contestants from this season were spotted enjoying the evening. In a candid conversation, Vicky opened up about his personal journey, the longing for Ankita, and more.
Abdu Rozik Makes Bold Prediction: Munawar Faruqui's Victory Foreseen in 'Bigg Boss 17' Finale
Anurima Das -
Abdu Rozik attributed his prediction to Munawar's substantial backing from his numerous girlfriends, actively mobilizing votes on his behalf. The anticipation surrounding the impending finale on January 28 is further heightened by Abdu's intriguing endorsement.
Badshah Stands in Solidarity with Munawar Faruqui, Expresses Confidence in His Victory
Ashlin Rajan -
Taking to Instagram, King shared his endorsement of Munawar's journey on the show and urged fans to cast their votes as the finale draws near.
'Bigg Boss 17': Munawar Alleges Uncomfortable Situation After Mannara's Kiss
Kumar Manoj -
During the episode, Munawar gestured with his hand on his cheeks, indicating that Mannara had kissed him.