Ashoka University Co Founder Vineet Gupta opines about UGC's latest guidelines
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Vineet Gupta Ashoka University Co-Founder opines UGC's latest guidelines to HEIs for implementation of Community Engagement Programmes is commendable
Vineet Gupta of Ashoka University: 'Foreign universities now an option for every Indian'
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Vineet Gupta of Ashoka University says that Foreign universities are now an option for every Indian. Read more.
Pranav Gupta, Founder Ashoka University: 'Women-centered initiatives in STEM needed to increase gender equity'
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Pranav Gupta, Ashoka University’s Founder highlights, “Improvements must be made in order to reduce the gender gap in male-dominated industries like in case of STEM areas. Our aim should be to change this equation so that women have the same prospects for professional achievement as males in the future.” 
Ashoka students call off strike, vow to fight injustice across India
"However, this is not to say that the movement must end. We must continue coming together, asking questions, making art, and discussing academic freedom and the precarious political situation we find ourselves in. We must continue showing solidarity with our faculty members, workers, each other, and movements against injustice beyond Ashoka", the students said.
Ashoka University students charge Founders-admin for failing to protect faculty from "external pressures"
In reference to the resignation of Pratap Bhanu Mehta, the students had said in a letter that the events point to a failure of Founders, Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor in protecting the faculty. They said this also has implications for freedom of speech for the students and faculty.
Arvind Subramanian also quits Ashoka, says devastated by Mehta's resignation
The noted political commentator is known as a staunch critic of the Modi government at the Centre and has been regularly expressing that in his writings. Faculty members at Ashoka University in Sonipat displayed their ire by writing to the Vice-Chancellor and board members, expressing anger and deep anguish over Mehta's resignation as a professor from the university.