There might have stances when you probably have heard of the temples where women are not allowed. The entries are prominently banned for menstruating women. Two temples that caught the attention of media for such rules are “Shani Shingdapur” in Maharashtra and “Ayyappa Swamy Temple” of Sabarimala, Kerala. Ayyappa Temple’s tradition of not allowing women of a certain age in the temple was challenged in the Supreme Court and granted permission to women of all ages to enter inside the temple to worship and ordered the state government to ensure the security of female devotees. But the decision became one of the most controversial ones.

Well, while talking about women’s right to worship, focus rarely went towards the men’s right to worship as their Temples where men are not allowed to enter at certain periods. So, here’s the list of the temples where men aren’t allowed or can’t enter at a certain period: