The smartphone competition has grown tremendously over the last decade with new competitors coming in and going out every year. However, some brands have managed to stay at the top continuously challenging in the flagship zone. Among these tech giants, the South Korean company LG has managed to stay relevant over these years. Despite lagging behind in smartphone sales, LG has never stopped innovating and providing a different perspective to the smartphone world. With reliability and a special fanbase, LG almost never fails to disappoint and even though a commoner might never get around using an LG smartphone device as their daily driver, one cannot help but appreciate company’s efforts.

LG peaked in the smartphone world when they collaborated with Google and brought the LG Nexus line into the market. Nexus proved to be a game-changer as it helped bolster the grip of android in the mobile software zone. From there on, many other big companies like Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Oppo etc. picked up android and made a big impact on the market. After this development, Samsung dominated the android smartphone battle with their much premium and well-equipped devices which led to the downfall of LG smartphones. But LG held onto its pride and decided to go a different way. As a result of that, on October 15, we were introduced to a completely unique approach to any smartphone ever, the LG Wing.